Our Recent Clown Trip to Ecuador

Did you see who was recently running around in my underwear? The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa! I’ve just returned from Ecuador, where 20 clowns from 7 countries have now made six annual visits. The trip was, almost needless to…

The Education Of Compassion

Join Patch and Gesundheit doctors in designing the world’s first curriculum for loving kindness and compassion in health care. “The Education of Compassion”, a 2-6 year curriculum, will be designed for teaching medical students, nursing students and other care givers…

Patch Adams Clinic In Philadelphia

Located in a low-income Philadelphia neighborhood, this clinic will provide community-based health care that is genuinely non-profit, preventive, humane and fun. It is a refuge for doctors and nurses who want time to heal patients. It is a refuge for…

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