The School for Designing a Society (SDaS), the educational wing of the Gesundheit Institute, is a project of people who want to change society by means of desire, design, & composition.

simple-R-arrow We invite you to imagine and formulate desires for a society different from the current one.



Construct Your Humanism: Medical Elective

May 3-31, 2015 | Hillsboro, WV

Spend four weeks in the beautiful Appalachian valley in rural West Virginia engaging in the study and practice of compassion.

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From Patch Adams regarding SDaS

For years Gesundheit’s mission has revolved around healing and clowning; with SDaS that mission has expanded to include teaching.

I don’t think I’d still be working on the Gesundheit project had I not been a student of the School for Designing a Society.

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Our Educational Philosophy

1614547_10152512988074416_1745246131745733723_oThe School for Designing a Society, founded in 1991, is a project of people who want to change society by means of desire, design, and composition. Rather than scramble for a comfy spot in the current system, spend some time with other interested people imagining and designing a system you would prefer.

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A History of the School for Designing a Society


The idea of the school project was to enhance the usual ways people became politically active–getting involved in single-issue social justice campaigns–by creating a place where people would feel invited to dream, discuss, and act on images of a not-yet-existing society, a society in which today’s problems would be transformed.

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Upcoming Courses

We teach programs in Urbana, Illinois and at the Gesundheit Institute in Hillsboro, West Virginia.

Working with Gesundheit, we offer a curriculum that incorporates the ideas of the Institute and of Patch Adams MD.

  • Plant Trees with Patch

    April 14th — 18th, 2015

    Save the Flying Squirrel! —A red spruce planting expedition Source – April 14-18th, 2015 | Hillsboro, WV REGISTER NOW! ⇒...

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  • Social Medicine Symposium

    April 24th — 26th, 2015

    April 24-26, 2015 | Hillsboro, WV REGISTER NOW! ⇒ Register by March 15 to confirm your participation! For those of us...

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  • Construct your Humanism

    May 3rd — 31st, 2015

    John M. Stang Medical Elective May 3-31, 2015 | Hillsboro, WV REGISTER NOW! ⇒ Patch Adams and the Gesundheit Institute...

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