Dr Patch Adam’s Falling Back In Love With Care

March 21-April 25, 2023 | ‘Live’ Online Workshops 

Hosted by Nobel Prize nominee Dr Patch Adams, these inspiring VIRTUAL workshops are designed to fit into any clinician’s schedule.


The Experience



When you decided to go into health care as a profession, your decision may have grown out of a passion for service. Or perhaps you had a gusto for taking on challenges, a fascination with health science, a wish to do work that you love. Perhaps you had a memorable experience of care and a wish to give back. But now, having gone into the healthcare profession, you may find that your passion, gusto, fascination, wish and love are hard to sustain in the face of work loads, policies & systems. Is there anything that can be done about this? We the artists and clown-doctors of the Gesundheit! Institute and the School for Designing a Society have been practising and promoting creativity in healthcare problem-solving for 50 years. We are offering a new, six-week series of brief workshops—creative “microdosing”—designed to refresh professionals’ passion for in a fun, low-commitment yet heartfelt way.

Purpose: To provide attendees with a caring toolkit of techniques to help them love themselves and others in a sustainable manner.

Mode of Delivery: Virtual – We know your schedules are packed to the rafters, hence we are offering this workshop in one half-hour zoom session per week. The link will be emailed to you closer to the start date.

Price: $480


Workshop Dates:

* Please note these times are in USA Central Standard Time (CST), UTC -6, before signing up please check the timezone in your location.

Week 1: Tuesday 21st March 3pm* & 8pm*

Week 2: Tuesday 28th March 3pm* & 8pm*

Week 3: Tuesday 4th April 3pm* & 9pm*

Week 4: Tuesday 11th April 3pm* & 9pm*

Week 5: Tuesday 18th April 3pm* & 9pm*

Week 6: Tuesday 25th April 3pm* & 9pm*

This is a helpful website to use to calculate the time we will go live in Chicago compared to the time it will be in your area.w

We also made this global time-table for you to find your workshop time!


Who is invited?

You there! Welcome, any and all humans involved in the healing professions anywhere on Earth who want to fall back in love with caring (either with themselves, patients, families or even life). Tell your nurses, doctors, allied health professionals, mental health professionals, alternative and integrated medicine practitioners, patients, carers, educators, admin staff, teachers, all your friends are invited to this safe and confidential arena of curiosity and exploration. Register Soon!



At 18, Patch decided to be 6 qualities: happy, funny, loving, cooperative, creative, and thoughtful these 6 qualities were instrumental in him being able to avoid burnout and advocate for peace, justice, and care for all people and nature for OVER 50 YEARS! These are weaved throughout our workshop topics that include:

– Bi-directionality of care

– What is love? What is care?

– Making my mind my friend

-Re-designing the character of the care-actor (care-activist)

-Performance in everyday life (presentation of self)

-Using my Voice! Vocal timbre (quality of voice).

-The creation of safe spaces



Dr Patch Adams: I’m a 77-year old clown who is also a physician. In medical school (1967-71) I realized that the way medicine was practiced was wrong. So, I designed a hospital addressing some of the major problems in our health care delivery. This hospital would charge no money, carry no malpractice, and accept no medical insurance. A medical practitioner could spend as much time as he or she would want with a patient and be open to all kinds of healing. At 18, I decided to be 6 qualities: happy, funny, loving, cooperative, creative, and thoughtful. These 6 qualities allow me to be an instrument for peace, justice, and care for all people and nature. This is why I am a clown. Flame On!

Dr Susan Parenti: I’m a composer, performer, activist at School for Designing a Society; Gesundheit Institute. Trained as a composer of music, and yet(‘and so’? ‘however’? ‘but’? I write plays and ‘shake-up social actions’ (hear the sound!) But that’s ok because I live in a town where we say that a composer is a person who makes something happen which would not happen without her.

Dr Mark Enslin: Was born in 1955 in St. Louis, Missouri, and studied music composition at Webster University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His doctoral thesis is “Teaching Composition Facing the Power of the Respondent.” He is a co-founder of the Performers’ Workshop Ensemble and the School for Designing a Society, and currently teaches social issues theater at the University of Illinois.

Language: Presented in English


How Do I Apply?

1)  Sign up for the courses on our online registration form. Please be prepared to pay your course fees. Register Here.

2) Our team will be in touch prior to the course with details on how to join the Zoom meeting.

Scholarships available on request contact Derek@patchadams.org

This is a joint partnership event between The Gesundheit Institute and The School For Designing a Society (c) 2022 click here to read more: https://www.patchadams.org/ Please note this event may be canceled at late notice if a minimum number of people don’t subscribe. So invite your friends!

Questions ?

If you have any questions, please contact
Derek at derek@patchadams.org

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