The Laughing Body: the Art of Care Reunion

Saturday, August 28th

Clown One Italia, Clown One Japan, Patch Adams MD, and the Gesundheit! Institute invites you to join us for a celebration of Nature and the Human Spirit.

*Registration for this Event has closed. Please Check Back Next Spring / Summer*



The Experience

We invite you to spend a few hours dedicated to reflection, play and rediscovering the joyful and creative potential of our body and of our inner Nature (our soul), while reflecting on our shared experience at the Gesundheit Institute in beautiful West Virginia.

We will be dedicated to the art of care, as a way to better understand ourselves, discover our body, explore Nature, and reflect on the different facets of care.

We’ll talk about nature, walking in the woods, living in community, sharing, and exploring the possibility of taking care of ourselves and of others through play, water activities, clown theater, meditation, and voluntary social work.

It’s an invitation to rediscover our inner and outer Laughing Body.



Our program will begin at 11 am EST (Eastern Standard Time). Check below for other timezones.

8 am PST (Pacific Standard Time), 5 pm Italy, 12-Midnight Japan (August 29th).

We will hear stories from our friends, volunteers, and staff and watch videos of past events.



Who is offering this?

Facilitators and presenters include:  

Patch Adams — Entered medical school in 1967 to use medicine as a vehicle for social change; promotes and practices living a life of public joy as a revolutionary act; fountain of ideas for avoiding burn-out in long-term social justice and health. Enthusiator.

Ginevra Sanguigno — Actress and dancer. Since 1981, has used theatre as a vehicle for social change through her work as a clown, instructor, enthusiator. Founder of Clown One Italia in 2000. Organizer of humanitarian clown missions worldwide since 2003.

Italo Bertolasi — Body worker, shamanic culture researcher, writer. Since 1965, travels and walks in the wilderness to explore the world in search of ways to build bridges between people and culture. Organizer and instructor of Clown One Italia.

Mariko Kanemoto — Musical therapist, clown, counselor, tea ceremony, and origami clown master, founder of Clown One Japan.



Who is invited?

The event is open to all! Past participation in one of our Laughing Body sessions is recommended. Registration for this event has closed.



PHOTO 4General Information

Cost | This is a free event.

Where? | Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this event will be digital-only.





How Do I Apply?

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Questions ?

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