African History, Literature, and Thought
Title Author Publisher Publication Year Format
"And don't call me a racist!" Ella Mazel Argonaut Press 1998 Paperback
"Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?": A Psychologist Explains the Development of Racial Identity Beverly Daniel Tatum Basic Books 2003 Paperback
A Continent for the Taking Howard W. French Knopf 2004 Hardcover
A Continent for the Taking: The Tragedy and Hope of Africa Howard W. French Vintage 2005 Paperback
A History of Africa J.D. Fage The Folio Society 2008 Hardcover
A House Dividing Against Itself 1836-1840 William Lloyd Garrison Harvard University Press 1971
A Long Way Gone: Memoirs Of A Boy Soldier Ishmael Beah Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2007 Hardcover
A Nation under Our Feet: Black Political Struggles in the Rural South from Slavery to the Great Migration Steven Hahn Belknap Press 2003 Hardcover
A Slaver's Log Book Theophilus Conneau Avon 1977 Paperback
A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King HarperOne 1990 Paperback
Africa Tom Phillips Prestel 1999 Hardcover
Africa from the Seventh to the Eleventh Century: v. 3 (General History of Africa) Unesco University of California Press 1992 Paperback
Africa in the nineteenth century until the 1880s J.F. Ade Ajayi Univ of California Pr 1998 Paperback
Africa since 1935 Ali A. Mazrui; Christophe Wondji University of California Press 1999 Paperback
Africa South of the Sahara, Second Edition: A Geographical Interpretation (Texts In Regional Geography) Robert Stock The Guilford Press 2004 Paperback
Africa's World War: Congo, the Rwandan Genocide, and the Making of a Continental Catastrophe Gérard Prunier Oxford University Press, USA 2008 Hardcover
Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience Kwame Anthony Appiah; Henry Louis Gates Basic Civitas Books 1999 Hardcover
All Gods Dangers: the Life of Nate Shaw Theodore Rosengarten Avon 1983 Paperback
Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce And The Heroic Campaign To End Slavery Eric Metaxas HarperOne 2007 Hardcover
American Slavery, American Freedom Edmund S. Morgan W. W. Norton & Company 2003 Paperback
An African Treasury Langston Hughes Pyramid Books 1970 Paperback
Ancient civilizations of Africa G. Mokhtar University of California Press 1990 Paperback
At Canaan's Edge: America in the King Years, 1965-68 (America in the King Years) Taylor Branch Simon & Schuster 2006 Hardcover
Autobiography Of Malcolm X X. Malcolm Ballantine Books 1992 Hardcover
Before the Mayflower LeRone Bennett Jr. Johnson Publishing Co. 1966 Hardcover
Betrayal: How Black Intellectuals Have Abandoned the Ideals of the Civil Rights Era Houston A. Baker Columbia University Press 2008 Hardcover
Bound for Canaan: The Underground Railroad and the War for the Soul of America Fergus M. Bordewich Harper Collins Canada 2005 Hardcover
Bury the Chains Adam Hochschild Houghton Mifflin 2005 Hardcover
Child soldiers in Africa Alcinda Manuel Honwana University of Pennsylvania Press 2006 Hardcover
Chronicles of a second African trip George Eastman Friends of the University of Rochester Libraries 1987 Hardcover
Chronicles of England, France, Spain Sir John Froissart American Book Exchange 1880 Hardcover
Colored People: A Memoir Henry Louis Gates Jr. Vintage 1995 Paperback
Conversations with Myself Nelson Mandela Farrar Straus & Giroux 2010 Hardcover
Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys Jawanza Kunjufu African American Images 1995 Hardcover
Country of My Skull: Guilt, Sorrow, and the Limits of Forgiveness in the New South Africa Antjie Krog Three Rivers Press 2000 Paperback
Culture and Customs of Cameroon (Culture and Customs of Africa) John Mukum Mbaku Greenwood Press 2005 Hardcover
Culture and Customs of Ghana (Culture and Customs of Africa) Steven J. Salm; Toyin Falola Greenwood Press 2002 Hardcover
Culture and Customs of Nigeria (Culture and Customs of Africa) Toyin Falola Greenwood Press 2000 Hardcover
Darfur Gérard Prunier Cornell University Press 2005 Hardcover
Darfur Julie Flint Zed Books 2005 Hardcover
Darfur Diaries: Stories of Survival Jen Marlowe Nation Books 2006 Paperback
Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide M.W. Daly Cambridge University Press 2007 Paperback
Defying Dixie: The Radical Roots of Civil Rights, 1919-1950 Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore W. W. Norton 2008 Hardcover
Deogratias, A Tale of Rwanda J.P. Stassen First Second 2006 Paperback
Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance Barack Obama Three Rivers Press 2004 Paperback
Dwelling Place: A Plantation Epic E. Clarke Yale University Press 2005 Hardcover
Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement Barbara Ransby University of North Carolina Press 2005 Paperback
Emperor Shaka the Great Mazisi Kunene Heinemann 1979 Hardcover
Famine that Kills: Darfur, Sudan (Oxford Studies in African Affairs) Alex de Waal Oxford University Press, USA 2005 Paperback
Far in the waste Sudan Nicholas Coghlan McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP 2005 Hardcover
First Kill Your Family: Child Soldiers of Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army Peter Eichstaedt Lawrence Hill Books 2009 Hardcover
Freedom: A Photographic History of the African American Struggle Manning Marable; Leith Mullings; Sophie Spencer-Wood Phaidon Press 2002 Hardcover
Heart of Darfur Lisa French Blaker Hodder & Stoughton 2007 Hardcover
Histories of the hanged Anderson David W.W. Norton 2005 Hardcover
Home LeRoi Jones Apollo Books 1968 Paperback
How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America: Problems in Race, Political Economy, and Society (South End Press Classics Series) Manning Marable South End Press 1999 Paperback
Huddersfield, West Riding of Yorkshire Burrows Publishing Burrow 1971 Paperback
I Didn't Do It for You: How the World Betrayed a Small African Nation (P.S.) Michela Wrong Harper Perennial 2006 Paperback
I write what I like Steve Biko; Aelred Stubbs Harper & Row 1979 Hardcover
Imperial Reckoning Caroline Elkins Owl Books 2005 Paperback
In His Own Words Nelson Mandela Little, Brown and Company 2004 Hardcover
In the Footsteps of Mr. Kurtz: Living on the Brink of Disaster in Mobutu's Congo Michela Wrong Harper Perennial 2002 Paperback
In the Land of Magic Soldiers: A Story of White and Black in West Africa Daniel Bergner Picador 2004 Paperback
In the shadow of a saint Ken Wiwa Steerforth Press 2001 Hardcover
In the spirit of Martin Chassman Gary Miles Tinwood Books 2001 Hardcover
Intimate enemy Robert Lyons Zone ; London : MIT [distributor] 2006 Hardcover
It's Our Turn to Eat: The Story of a Kenyan Whistle-Blower Michela Wrong Harper 2009 Hardcover
James Weldon Johnson: Writings William L. Andrews Library of America 2004 Hardcover
Jubilee: The Emergence of African-American Culture Howard Dodson National Geographic 2003 Hardcover
Kaffir Boy: An Autobiography--The True Story of a Black Youth's Coming of Age in Apartheid South Africa Mark Mathabane Free Press 1998 Paperback
King David L. Lewis University of Illinois Press 1978 Hardcover
King Leopold's Ghost: a Story of Greed, Terror, And Heroism in Colonial Africa Adam Hochschild Mariner Books 1999 Paperback
Learning to be White: Money, Race and God in America Thandeka Continuum International Publishing Group 1999 Hardcover
Left To Tell: Discovering God Amidst The Rwandan Holocaust Immaculee Ilibagiza Hay House 2007 Paperback
Let There Be Light: The Rwanda Project 1994--1998 David Levi Strauss; Ben Okri Actar 1998 Paperback
Liberia Mary H. Moran University of Pennsylvania Press 2006 Hardcover
Lincoln an Illustrated Biography Random House~trade 1999 Paperback
Lincoln and the Decision for War: The Northern Response to Secession (Civil War America) Russell A. McClintock The University of North Carolina Press 2008 Hardcover
Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela Little Brown Company 1994 Paperback
Machete Season: The Killers in Rwanda Speak Jean Hatzfeld Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2005 Hardcover
Madagascar Solofo Randrianja; Stephen Ellis University of Chicago Press 2009 Paperback
Magomero: Portrait of an African Village Landeg White Cambridge University Press 1989 Paperback
Malcolm X speaks X. Malcolm Grove Press 1965 Hardcover
Malcolm X, make it plain Strickland William Viking 1994 Hardcover
Mandela : The Authorized Biography Anthony Sampson Knopf 1999 Hardcover
Mandela: The Authorized Biography Anthony Sampson Vintage 2000 Paperback
Methodology and African prehistory A. International Scientific Committee for the Drafting of a.General History of Africa Unesco International Scientific Committee for the Drafting of University of California Press 1990 Paperback
Mirror to America: The Autobiography of John Hope Franklin John Hope Franklin Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2005 Hardcover
Nat Turner: A Slave Rebellion in History and Memory Kenneth S. Greenberg Oxford University Press, USA 2003 Hardcover
Nine Hills to Nambonkaha: Two Years in the Heart of an African Village Sarah Erdman Picador 2004 Paperback
Ota: The Pygmy in the Zoo Phillips Verner Bradford; Harvey Blume St Martins Pr 1992 Hardcover
Our Votes, Our Guns Martin Meredith PublicAffairs,U.S. 2003 Paperback
Parting The Waters: America In The King Years 1954-63 Taylor Branch Simon and Schuster 1988 Hardcover
Paul Kagame and Rwanda Colin M. Waugh McFarland 2004 Paperback
Peoples and Cultures of Africa Elliott Percival Skinner DoubleDay 1972 Hardcover
Pillar of Fire: America in the King Years 1963-65 (America in the King Years) Taylor Branch Simon & Schuster 1998 Hardcover
Politics of liberation in South Sudan Peter Adwok Nyaba Fountain Publishers 1997 Paperback
Quest for the Past Reader's Digest Editors Readers Digest 1984 Hardcover
Racism Albert Memmi; Steve Martinot Univ Of Minnesota Press 1999 Paperback
Ralph Ellison: Emergence of Genius Lawrence Jackson Wiley 2002 Hardcover
Ready for Revolution: The Life and Struggles of Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture) Stokely Carmichael Scribner 2003 Hardcover
Remembering Jim Crow Robert Gavins New Press 2001 Hardcover
Renamo Alex Vines Centre for Southern African Studies, University of 1991 Hardcover
Reporting Civil Rights, American Journalism 1941-1963 Polsgrove: Advisory Board Carson Garrow Kovach Library of America 2003 Hardcover
Reporting Civil Rights: American Journalism 1963-1973 Polsgrove: Advisory Board Carson Garrow Kovach Library of America 2003 Hardcover
Return to the source; Amílcar, Cabral Monthly Review Press 1974 Paperback
Rivers of Blood, Rivers of Gold: Europe's Conflict with Tribal Peoples Mark Cocker Jonathan Cape 1998 Hardcover
Roots Alex Haley DoubleDay 1976 Hardcover
Rwanda's Genocide Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu Palgrave Macmillan 2005 Hardcover
Scribbling the Cat: Travels with an African Soldier Alexandra Fuller Penguin Books 2005 Paperback
Season of Blood: A Rwandan Journey Fergal Keane Penguin Books Ltd 1996 Paperback
Seeds of Southern change Wilma Dykeman; James Stokely Norton 1976 Paperback
Sellout: The Politics of Racial Betrayal Randall Kennedy Pantheon 2008 Hardcover
Shake Hands with the Devil Roméo Dallaire; Brent Beardsley; Samantha Power Carroll & Graf 2004 Paperback
She Would Not Be Moved: How We Tell the Story of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott Herbert Kohl The New Press 2005 Hardcover
Silent Covenants Derrick Bell Oxford University Press 2004 Hardcover
Slavery and The Making of America James Oliver Louis E. Horton Horton Oxford University Press, USA 2004 Hardcover
Storming Caesars Palace Annelise Orleck Beacon Press 2005 Hardcover
Strange Career of Jim Crow C. Vann Woodward San Val 2003 Hardcover
Sudan: Race, Religion and Violence Jok Madut Jok Oneworld Publications 2007 Paperback
Survival pending revolution Paul Alkebulan University of Alabama Press 2007 Hardcover
The Afrikaners Hermann Giliomee; Richard Elphick; Jeffrey Butler University Press of Virginia 2003 Paperback
The American Heritage Book of the Revolution Richard M. Ketchum The American Heritage Publishing 1958 Hardcover
The Antelope's Strategy: Living in Rwanda After the Genocide Jean Hatzfeld Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2009 Hardcover
The Beautiful Soul of John Woolman, Apostle of Abolition Thomas P. Slaughter Hill and Wang 2008 Hardcover
The Circle of Guilt Fredric Wertham; William Bush Univ. Press of Mississippi 2007 Paperback
The Civil War: An Illustrated History Geoffrey C. Ward; Ric Burns; Ken Burns Alfred a Knopf 1990 Hardcover
The Collected Writings of Wallace Thurman: A Harlem Renaissance Reader Amritjit Singh; Wallace Thurman Rutgers University Press 2003 Hardcover
The Color Of Water James McBride Riverhead Trade 1997 Paperback
The Confederate States of America: What Might Have Been Roger L. Ransom W. W. Norton & Company 2005 Hardcover
The Cornel West Reader Cornel West Basic Civitas Books 2000 Paperback
The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual: A Historical Analysis of the Failure of Black Leadership (New York Review Books Classics) Harold Cruse NYRB Classics 2005 Paperback
The Explorer's Eye: First-Hand Accounts of Adventure and Exploration Fergus Fleming Overlook Hardcover 2005 Hardcover
The Fear: Robert Mugabe and the Martyrdom of Zimbabwe Peter Godwin Hachette Digital, Inc. 2011 Hardcover
The Hidden Wound Wendell Berry Houghton Mifflin 1970 Hardcover
The Killing of Crazy Horse Thomas Powers Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group 2010 Hardcover
The King Incorporated: Leopold the Second and the Congo Neal Ascherson Granta Books 2001 Paperback
The Letters of William Lloyd Garrison, Volume III, No Union with the Slaveholders: 1841-1849 William Lloyd Garrison Belknap Press of Harvard University Press 1974 Hardcover
The Letters of William Lloyd Garrison, Volume VI, To Rouse the Slumbering Land: 1868-1879 (Letters of William Lloyd Garrison) William Lloyd Garrison Belknap Press 1981 Hardcover
The Letters of William Lloyd Garrison: Let the oppressed go free, 1861-1867 William Lloyd Garrison Harvard University Press 1979
The limits of humanitarian intervention Alan J. Kuperman Brookings Institution Press 2001 Paperback
The Making of African America: The Four Great Migrations Ira Berlin Viking Adult 2010 Hardcover
The mask of anarchy Stephen Ellis New York University Press 1999 Hardcover
The Masque of Africa V.S. Naipaul Alfred a Knopf 2010 Hardcover
The order of genocide Scott Straus Cornell University Press 2006 Hardcover
The Quest of the Silver Fleece: A Novel (Harlem Moon Classics) W.E.B. DuBois Harlem Moon 2004 Paperback
The Race Beat: The Press, the Civil Rights Struggle, and the Awakening of a Nation Gene Roberts Knopf 2006 Hardcover
The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Richard Wormser St. Martin's Press 2003 Hardcover
The Root Causes of Sudan's Civil Wars (African Issues) Douglas H. Johnson James Currey, UK 2002 Paperback
The Rulers of the Mediteranean Richard Harding Davis Harper & Brothers 1903 Hardcover
The Rwanda crisis Gérard Prunier Columbia University Press 1995 Paperback
The Senator and the Socialite: The True Story of America's First Black Dynasty Lawrence Otis Graham Harper Perennial 2007 Paperback
The Shackled Continent Robert Guest Smithsonian Books 2004 Hardcover
The Story of America Carroll C. Calkins Reader's Digest 1975 Hardcover
The Thunder of Angels: The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the People Who Broke the Back of Jim Crow Donnie Williams Lawrence Hill Books 2005 Hardcover
The Translator: A Tribesman's Memoir of Darfur Daoud Hari Random House 2008 Hardcover
The works of James McCune Smith Smith James McCune Oxford University Press 2006 Hardcover
They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky: The True Story of Three Lost Boys from Sudan Benjamin Ajak; Benson Deng; Alephonsian Deng; Judy Bernstein PublicAffairs 2006 Paperback
This House Has Fallen: Nigeria in Crisis Karl Maier Westview Press 2003 Paperback
This Republic of Suffering Drew Gilpin Faust Knopf 2008 Hardcover
Thr Little Book of Famous Insults Betty Jo Ramsey Peter Pauper Press 1964 Hardcover
Through the Dark Continent: v. 2 Henry Morton Stanley Dover Publications Inc. 1994 Paperback
Through the Dark Continent:Volume 1 Henry M. Stanley Dover Publications 1988 Paperback
Time for Learning States (Time for Learning) (Time for Learning) Lynne Blanton; Betsy Hedberg Publications International 2003 Spiral-bound
Time for Learning: States Lynn Blanton Hardcover
Timetables Of History: A Horizontal Linkage Of People And Events (Based Upon Werner Stein's Kulturfahrplan) Bernard Grun Simon & Schuster / Touchstone 1982 Paperback
Truth and Lies: Stories from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa Jillian Edelstein New Press 2002 Paperback
UNESCO General History of Africa, Vol. IV, Abridged Edition Joseph Ki-Zerbo University of California Press 1998 Paperback
UNESCO General History of Africa, Vol. V, Abridged Edition Bethwell A. Ogot Univ of California Pr 1999 Paperback
UNESCO General History of Africa, Vol. VII, Abridged Edition: Africa Under Colonial Domination 1880-1935 (General History of Africa (Univ of California Pr) (Abridged Version)) Unesco University of California Press 1990 Paperback
Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson Geoffrey C. Ward Knopf 2004 Hardcover
Up From Slavery Booker T. Washington III The Heritage Press 1970 Hardcover
Voices in Our Blood: America's Best on the Civil Rights Movement Jon Meacham Random House 2001 Hardcover
W. E. B. Du Bois: Black Radical Democrat Manning Marable Paradigm Publishers 2005 Hardcover
W.E.B. Du Bois : Writings Notes Huggins Nathan Library of America 1987 Hardcover
Waiting 'til the midnight hour Peniel E. Joseph Henry Holt and Co. 2006 Hardcover
War And Faith In Sudan Gabriel Meyer; James Nicholls Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company 2005 Hardcover
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War Child: A Child Soldier's Story Emmanuel Jal; Megan Lloyd Davies St. Martin's Press 2009 Hardcover
War of visions Francis Mading Deng Brookings Institution Press 1995 Paperback
We Want Freedom: A Life in the Black Panther Party Mumia Abu-Jamal South End Press 2004 Paperback
We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families: Stories from Rwanda Philip Gourevitch Picador 1999 Paperback
Whatever It Takes: Geoffrey Canada's Quest to Change Harlem and America Paul Tough Houghton Mifflin 2008 Hardcover
When Affirmative Action Was White: An Untold History of Racial Inequality in Twentieth-Century America Ira Katznelson W. W. Norton 2006 Paperback
When Victims Become Killers Mahmood Mamdani Princeton University Press 2002 Paperback
Where we have hope Andrew Meldrum Atlantic Monthly Press 2005 Hardcover
Where We Have Hope: A Memoir of Zimbabwe Andrew Meldrum Grove Press 2006 Paperback
William Lloyd Garrison and the Fight Against Slavery: Selections from the Liberator (Bedford Series in History and Culture) Garrison William Lloyd Palgrave Macmillan 1995 Hardcover
Young Mandela David James Smith Hachette Digital, Inc. 2010 Hardcover
シエラレオネ 山本敏晴 アートン新社 2003 Paperback