American Indian History
Title Author Publisher Publication Year Format
A Seat at the Table: Huston Smith in Conversation with Native Americans on Religious Freedom P. Cousineau University of California Press 2005 Hardcover
Apache odyssey Morris Edward Opler University of Nebraska Press 2002 Paperback
Apaches: A History and Culture Portrait James L. Haley University of Oklahoma Press 1997 Paperback
Battlefield & Classroom: Four Decades With the American Indian, 1867-1904 Richard Henry Pratt University of Oklahoma Press 2004 Paperback
Custer Died for Your Sins: An Indian Manifesto (Civilization of the American Indian) Vine Deloria University of Oklahoma Press 1988 Paperback
EXPANSION AND AMERICAN INDIAN POLICY, 1783-1812 Reginald Horsman University of Oklahoma Press 1992 Paperback
Iktomi and the ducks and other Sioux stories Zitkala-Sa U of Nebraska Press 2004 Paperback
Ojibwa Warrior: Dennis Banks And The Rise Of The American Indian Movement Dennis Banks; Richard Erdoes University of Oklahoma Press 2005 Paperback
Pocahontas (The Civilization of the American Indian Series ; V. 93) Grace Steele Woodward University of Oklahoma Press 1980 Paperback
Pocahontas, Powhatan, Opechancanough Helen C. Rountree University of Virginia Press 2005 Hardcover
Self-Determination: The Other Path for Native Americans Terry Anderson; Bruce Benson; Thomas E. Flanagan Stanford University Press 2006 Hardcover
Son of the Morning Star Evan S. Connell North Point Pr 1984 Hardcover
Tell Them We Are Going Home John H. Monnett University of Oklahoma Press 2004 Paperback
The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek Richard Kluger Random House Digital, Inc. 2011
The Cayuse Indians Robert H. Ruby; John Arthur Brown University of Oklahoma Press 2005 Hardcover
The Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears: The Penguin Library of American Indian History series (Penguin Library of American Indian History) Theda Perdue; Michael Green Viking Adult 2007 Hardcover
The Comanche Empire (The Lamar Series in Western History) Pekka Hamalainen Yale University Press 2008 Hardcover
The Indian Tipi: Its History, Construction, and Use Gladys Laubin University of Oklahoma Press 1989 Paperback
Women and Power in Native North America Laura F. Klein University of Oklahoma Press 2000 Paperback
Women of the Earth Lodges: Tribal Life on the Plains Virginia Bergman Peters University of Oklahoma Press 2000 Paperback