Assorted History
Title Author Publisher Publication Year Format
American Girl's Book Miss Leslie E.S. Francis & Co. 1831 Hardcover
Bismarck Jonathan Steinberg Oxford University Press US 2011
Daily Life in Ancient Rome Jerome Carcopino Pelican Books 1956 Paperback
Gladstone Phillip Magnus Dutton 1964 Hardcover
Guinness Book of World Records Norris McWhirter Bantam 1976 Paperback
Guinness Book of World Records Norris McWhirter Bantam 1980 Paperback
History of England G.M. Trevelyan Doubleday Anchor Books 1952 Paperback
Live and Let Die Ian Flemming Signet 1954 Paperback
Louis XIV and Twenty Million Frenchmen Pierre Goubert Vintage 1972 Paperback
Masters of Deceit J. Edgar Hoover Pocket Books Inc 1961 Paperback
My Life and Loves Frank Harris Grove Press 1963 Paperback
Past and Present Thomas Carlyle Oxford University Press 1960 Hardcover
The Bermuda Triangle Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey Warner Paperback 1975 Paperback
The Black Death Johannes Nohl Ballantine Books 1960 Paperback
The Book of the Courtier (Penguin Classics) Baldesar Castiglione Penguin Classics 1976 Paperback
The Civil War (Penguin Classics) Julius Caesar Penguin Classics 1976 Paperback
The Empire of Reason Henry Steele Commager Doubleday & Company 1978 Paperback
The Medieval World Friedrich Heer Oxford University Press 1960 Paperback
The Puritans Perry Miller Harper Torchbook 1963 Paperback
The Roman Revolution Ronald Syme Oxford University Press, USA 2002 Paperback
The Roman Way Edith Hamilton Oxford University Press 1963 Paperback
The Seventeenth Century Background Basil Willey Doubleday Anchor Books 1953 Paperback
The Splendid Century W.H. Lewis Doubleday Anchor Books 1957 Paperback
The Twelve Caesars Michael Grant; Tranquillus C. Suetonius; Robert Graves GAIUS SEUTONIUS TRANQUILLUS. Penguin Classics 1957 Paperback
The Uses of the Past Herbert J. Muller Oxford University Press 1952 Paperback
Trotsky Geoff Swain Longman/Pearson 2006