Australian and New Zealand Literature
Title Author Publisher Publication Year Format
A fringe of leaves Patrick White Viking Press 1977 Hardcover
A fruitcake of Australian stories Jan Wositzky; Debbie Sonenberg Greenhouse Publications 1983 Hardcover
A State of Siege Janet Frame George Braziller 1966 Hardcover
Alice Springs Nikki Gemmell Penguin Books 2000 Paperback
Bliss Carey Peter Harper & Row 1981 Hardcover
Breath Winton Tim HarperCollins 2008 Hardcover
Captain Cook chased a Chook June Factor Penguin Books 1988 Paperback
Cloudstreet Tim Winton Graywolf Pr 1992 Paperback
Daughter buffalo; Janet Frame G. Braziller 1972 Hardcover
Dirt music Tim Winton Picador 2001 Hardcover
Dream stuff David Malouf Pantheon Books 2000 Hardcover
Eat Me Linda Jaivin Broadway 1998 Paperback
Faces in the Water Janet Frame George Braziller 1961 Hardcover
Flaws in the Glass: 2 Patrick White Viking Adult 1982 Hardcover
Four Plays Patrick White Viking Press 1965 Hardcover
Gould's Book of Fish: A Novel in 12 Fish Richard Flanagan Grove Press 2002 Hardcover
Hectic Lane Terry Pan Australia 1993 Paperback
His Illegal Self Peter Carey Knopf 2008 Hardcover
His natural life Marcus Clarke; Graham Tulloch; Michael Meehan Oxford University Press 1997 Paperback
Homework Suneeta Peres da Costa Bloomsbury USA 2001 Paperback
Hunting the Wild Pineapple Thea Astley Penguin (Non-Classics) 1992 Paperback
I felt the eagle's heart Francis Macnab Spectrum Publications 1983 Paperback
Illywhacker Peter Carey Harper & Row 1985 Hardcover
Intensive care; Janet Frame G. Braziller 1970 Hardcover
Jack Maggs Peter Carey Knopf 1998 Hardcover
Joan makes history Grenville Kate University of Queensland Press 1993 Paperback
Kakadu National Park Steve Parish Steve Parish Publishing Paperback
Kingfisher come home Witi Tame Ihimaera Secker & Warburg 1995 Paperback
Leave Before You Go Emily Perkins HarperCollins 2000 Hardcover
Living in the Maniototo Janet Frame George Braziller 1979 Hardcover
My Brilliant Career Miles Franklin The Folio Society 1983 Hardcover
My Life As A Fake Peter Carey Knopf 2003 Hardcover
Once were warriors Alan Duff University of Hawaii Press 1995 Hardcover
Oscar and Lucinda Peter Carey The Folio Society 2009 Hardcover
Oyster Janette Turner Hospital W. W. Norton & Company 1999 Paperback
Parrot and Olivier in America Peter Carey Alfred a Knopf 2010 Hardcover
Rainforest Steve Parish Steve Parish Publishing Paperback
Ransom: A Novel David Malouf Pantheon 2010 Hardcover
Remembering Babylon Malouf David Pantheon Books 1993 Hardcover
Riders in the Chariot Patrick White Viking Press 1961 Hardcover
Road From Coorain Jill Kathryn Conway Methuen Publishing Ltd 1992 Paperback
Scented Gardens for the Blind Janet Frame George Braziller 1964 Hardcover
Seven Types Of Ambiguity Elliot Perlman Riverhead Books 2004 Hardcover
Snowman Snowman Janet Frame George Braziller 1963 Hardcover
The Adaptable Man Janet Frame George Braziller 1965 Hardcover
The aunt's story. Patrick White Viking Press 1948 Hardcover
The Bone People: A Novel Keri Hulme Longman 2002 Paperback
The Burnt Ones Patrick White Viking Press 1964 Hardcover
The Cockatoos: New Stories Patrick White Viking Press 1975 Hardcover
The Complete Stories David Malouf Pantheon 2007 Hardcover
The Conversations at Curlow Creek David Malouf Chatto and Windus 1996 Hardcover
The Edge of the Alphabet Janet Frame George Braziller 1962 Hardcover
The Essence of the Thing: A Novel Madeleine St. John Carroll & Graf 1999 Paperback
The eye of the storm Patrick White Viking Press 1974 Hardcover
The Family Frying Pan Bryce Courtenay William Heinemann Australia 2002 Hardcover
The Great World David Malouf Pantheon 1991 Hardcover
The house of breathing Gail Jones George Braziller 2000 Hardcover
The hunter Julia Leigh Four Walls, Eight Windows 2000 Hardcover
The Idea of Perfection Kate Grenville Picador 2002 Paperback
The Living and the Dead Patrick White Eyre and Spottiswoode 1962 Hardcover
The mule's foal Epanomitis Fotini Allen & Unwin 1993 Paperback
The Orchard Drusilla Modjeska Women's Press 1998 Paperback
The orchard Drusilla Modjeska Picador, Pan Macmillan Australia 1995 Paperback
The Resevoir Janet Frame George Braziller 1963 Hardcover
The Solid Mandala Patrick White Viking Press 1966 Hardcover
The Thorn Birds Colleen McCullough Harper & Row 1977 Hardcover
The tree of man Patrick White Viking Press 1955 Hardcover
The Twyborn Affair Patrick White Viking Adult 1980 Hardcover
The Unknown Terrorist Richard Flanagan Grove Press 2007 Hardcover
The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith Peter Carey Alfred a Knopf 1995 Hardcover
The vivisector. White Patrick Viking Press 1970 Hardcover
Theft: A Love Story Peter Carey Knopf 2006 Hardcover
True History of the Kelly Gang Peter Carey Alfred A. Knopf 2001 Hardcover
Uluru National Park Steve Parish Steve Parish Publishing Paperback
Voss Patrick White Viking Press 1957 Hardcover
Wanting: A Novel Richard Flanagan Atlantic Monthly Press 2009 Hardcover
Working Hot Kathleen Mary Fallon Random House Australia 2000 Paperback