Books That Mention/Include Patch and Books by Patch
Title Author Publisher Publication Year Format
100 Jahre Martinshof Rothenburg 1898-1998 1998
A Letto con Patch Adams Terry D'Alfonso Televisione Svizzera
A peace of my mind Roger W. Axford Enlightenment Press 2001
A Way Out of Madness Daniel Mackler; Matthew Morrissey AuthorHouse 2010
Accordi. I temi della narrazione. Per le Scuole superiori Dorotea Cotroneo Sansoni 2002
Al di là dell'oltre Elisa Rampin La casa dell'amico 2008
Ambasciatori del Sorriso - Smile Ambassadors 2006
Americans' Favorite Poems Robert Pinsky; Favorite Poem Project W. W. Norton & Company 1999 Hardcover
Anime Con Il Naso Rosso
Audacious Aging: Eldership As a Revolutionary Endeavor Stephanie Marohn Elite Books 2008 Hardcover
Being a father Anne Pedersen; Peggy O'Mara J. Muir Publications 1990
Bridges Anna Garty; Ditza Verter E. Cohen 2003
Cap Sur le Français Nadine Gariépy; Pierrette St-Hilaire Centre éducatif et culturel 2007
Chautauqua summer Rebecca Chace Harcourt Brace & Co. 1993 Hardcover
Cracking Up: American Humor in a Time of Conflict Paul Lewis University of Chicago Press 2006 Hardcover
Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities Diana Leafe Christian New Society Publishers 2003 Paperback
Creating harmony Hildur Jackson Gaia Trust 1999
Cuckoo Madison Clell First Green Door Studios 2002 Paperback
Determinants of Patient Satisfaction after Cataract Surgery Marjan Nijkamp 2003
Diario - Un naso rosso contro l'indifferenza
Die Laughing!: Lighthearted Views of a Grave Situation Steve Mickle Robert Reed Publishers 2009 Paperback
DOCTEUR PATCH ADAMS Patch Adams Stanke 2000 Paperback
Docteur tendresse: Comment guérir le monde une âme à la fois Patch Adams Alexandre Stanke 2000 Paperback
Doctor, I Feel Funny Patricia Cameron-Hill; Shayne Yates Argyle 1999
Doctors in the movies Peter E. Dans Medi-Ed Press 2000
Eccentrics David Weeks Villard 1995 Hardcover
Ein Clown am Spitalbett Carolin Buchel 2007
El Efecto de la filosofia del Dr. Patch Adams en el tratamiento odontopediatrico escuela espana
Encyclopaedia of social inventions Valerie Yule; Nicholas Albery Institute for Social Inventions 1989
Everything's Going to Be Okay Douglas Pagels Blue Mountain Arts 2010
Excuse Me, Is This Your Body Abbas Ghadimi Tagman Press, The 2006
Forgiveness And Child Abuse: Would You Forgive? Lois Einhorn Ph.d. Robert D. Reed Publishers 2006 Hardcover
Fragen, die das Herz bewegen Jill A. Bius; Rüdiger Schache Via Nova, Verlag 2005
Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (2nd Edition) Marc S. Micozzi PhD MD Churchill Livingstone 2001 Paperback
Fundamentals of complementary and integrative medicine Marc S. Micozzi PhD MD Saunders Elsevier 2006
Gesundheit in Hebrew
Gesundheit! Patch; Maureen Adams Mylander Healing Arts Press 1998 Hardcover
Gesundheit! Patch Adams; Maureen Mylander 12 & 12 Verl. 1997
Gesundheit!: Bringing Good Health to You, the Medical System, and Society through Physician Service, Complementary Therapies, Humor, and Joy Patch Adams Healing Arts Press 1998 Paperback
Gesundheit!: Bringing Good Health to You, the Medical System, and Society Through Physician Service, Complementary Therapies, Humor, and Joy (Healing Arts Press) M.D. Adams Patch Robert Heard Pub 1992 Paperback
Giocare con arte e parole, tra ossimori e burle, Tramite la "poetical del saltimbancho" di A. Palazzeschi Elena Reduzzi
Great Secrets of the Universe : A Compendium of Caring Thought Val J. Halamandaris The Caring Institute 2000 Paperback
Hausbesuche. Patch Adams Heyne 1999
Hommage a John James Audubon Jerome Horace Vermette Paperback
House calls Patch Adams; Jerry Van Amerongen Raffles 1999
House Calls Patch Adams; Pamela D. Jacobs; Jerry Van Amerongon; Jerry Van Amerongen; Robin Williams Reed, Robert D. Publishers 1998 Hardcover
House Calls in Russian Paperback
Il Bisogno di Felicita' Tra Utopia ed Entopia: Una Rassegna Bibliografica Alessia Riolo Universita Degli Studi di Palermo 2003
Il corpo che ride. Curare con il buon umore Ginevra Sanguigno Xenia 2004
Illness and the art of creative self-expression John Graham-Pole; Patch Adams New Harbinger Pubns Inc 2000
Imagine Solutions Conference
Innovative Doctoring Jeffrey S. Grossman Innovative Doctoring 2006
International Journal of Comic Art Volume 6 #2 Fall 2004 Paperback
Joel Sternfeld: Sweet Earth Joel Sternfeld Steidl 2006 Hardcover
Just Call Me Mike: A Journey to Actor and Activist Mike Farrell RDV Books 2007 Hardcover
La Clown Therapy nella Professione Infermieristica
La maschera più piccola del mondo Alessandra Farneti A. Perdisa 2004
La Pedagogia Del Ridere: La Figura Del Clown Paola Govi 2006
La vita è bella Edoardo Beltrami E. Beltrami 2008
Laugh for No Reason Madan Kataria Madhuri International 2002 Paperback
Laugh Lines Ruth Hamilton 2000 Paperback
Let's Develop ! A Guide to Continuous Personal Growth Dr. Fred Newman Castillo International 1994 Paperback
Management Domino's Douglas Cathon Xlibris Corporation 2006
Medical Marriage Cornelia Featherstone; Lori Forsyth Findhorn Press 1997
Mike Nelson's Movie Megacheese Michael J. Nelson Harper Paperbacks 2000 Paperback
My Dad and Me: A Heartwarming Collection of Stories About Fathers from a Host of Larry's Famous Friends Larry King Crown 2006 Hardcover
My Ishmael Daniel Quinn Bantam 1997 Hardcover
Neighborhood caretakers Burton C. Dyson; Elizabeth U. Dyson Knowledge Systems 1989
Now, Launch Your Career: Find Your Path: Personal Advice Letters from Some of the World's Top Professionals Paul Carpino 2008
NPR INTERVIEWS PA (Npr Interviews) Robert Siegel Mariner Books 1994 Paperback
Obi's Wisdom Mark William Cochran Bitter Root Mountain 2009
Patch Adams yaşam boyu kahkaha Patch Adams; Maureen Mylander; Nil Gün Kuraldışı 1999
Paying Attention to Language Susan Parenti 2003
Point Com Hélène Beaudry Groupe Modulo Incorporated 2006
Polly's Chakra Knickers Pauline June Rose 2001
Rediscover Your Heart: 7 Keys to Personal and Planetary Transformation Fred Matser Findhorn Press 2008 Hardcover
Reflexologia Podal Osni T. LourenÇo Ground
Remember Me When I'm Gone: The Rich and Famous Write Their Own Epitaphs and Obituaries Larry King Nan A. Talese 2004 Hardcover
Ridere è una cosa seria Donata Francescato Mondadori 2002
Salute! Ovvero come un medico-clown cura gratuitamente i pazienti con l'allegria e con l'amore Patch Adams Apogeo Editore 2004
Salute! Ovvero come un medico-clown cura gratuitamente i pazienti con l'allegria e con l'amore Patch Adams Apogeo 1999
Science, passion & health Gawler Foundation Gawler Foundation 1997
Screening Scripture: Intertexual Connections Between Scripture and Film Richard G. Walsh Trinity Press International 2002
Share Your Mission, Volume 2 R. Winn Henderson Insight Publishing Company 2001 Paperback
Sri Swami Satchidananda, apostle of peace Joan Wiener Bordow; Sita Bordow Integral Yoga Publications 1986
Stephen Stephen Michael Nelson Stephen's Hope Foundation, Incorporated 2001
Stress Blasters: Quick and Simple Steps to Take Control and Perform Under Pressure (Men's Health Life Improvement Guides) Brian Chichester; Perry Garfinkel; The Editors of Men's Health Books Rodale Books 1997 Paperback
Swami Sez Trade the Blues for Brownies Bruce E. Singer We Publish Books 2006
Sygebesøg Patch Adams; Jerry Van Amerongen Univers 2006
Teachers Remember Their Favorite Teachers Books by Mode; Deb Benton-Gevock Books By Mode 2005
Terapia do Amor, A Paperback
TERAPIA DO RISO, A Eduardo Lambert Editora Pensamento
The 60s communes Timothy Miller Syracuse University Press 1999
The 100 Best Vacations to Enrich Your Life Pam Grout National Geographic 2007 Paperback
The Ageless Spirit, 2nd Edition: Reflections on Living Life to the Fullest in Midlife and the Years Beyond Connie Goldman Fairview Press 2004 Paperback
The Bless You book Kimmie Rose Awareness Publishing 2007 Paperback
The Courage to Give: Inspiring Stories of People Who Triumphed over Tragedy to Make a Difference in the World Jackie Waldman; Janis Leibs Dworkis Conari Press 1999 Paperback
The Daily Zoo Chris Ayers; J.J. Abrams Design Studio Press 2008
The Doctor Kept Clowning Around
The ecology of health Jennifer Chesworth Sage Publications 1996
The Essential Meditation Guide David McRae; Dean Frenkel Michelle Anderson Publishing 1995 Paperback
The happy mutant handbook Carla Sinclair; Gareth Branwyn; Mark Frauenfelder Riverhead Books 1995 Paperback
The Medical College of Virginia 2006 Yearbook
The New physician Richard Hetzel Houghton Mifflin Australia 1991
The rapids of change Robert Theobald Knowledge Systems 1987
The Rights of the Hospitalized Child (Adaptation of UN Convention) Paperback
The Scouting Way Sandra Schwartz Scouting Way 2001 Paperback
The Senior Cohousing Handbook, 2nd Edition: A Community Approach to Independent Living (Senior Cohousing Handbook: A Community Approach to Independent) Charles Durrett New Society Publishers 2009 Paperback
The Work We Were Born to Do Nick Williams Element Books 2003 Paperback
Theatre Richard Morse; Horton Foote Vantage Press, Inc 2009
Toccami il cuore Dalila Di Lazzaro Piemme 2009
Uno, Due Tre Clown Libera Tutti! Un'analisi sociologica della comunicazione nell'interazione clownesca Universita Degli Studi di Padova
Up North Joe Brandmeier Tristan Pub 2011
Visite a domicilio. Come possiamo guarire il mondo una visita alla volta Patch Adams Apogeo 1999
Voices of hope Giraffe Heroes Project Giraffe Heroes Project 2006
Voyager English Course 1 and 2
Why Not You? Mary Blakely Azuray Learning Inc 2000
Why Your Life Sucks: And What You Can Do About It Alan H. Cohen Jodere Group 2002 Paperback
Workplace counselling in the NHS Richard Bryant-Jefferies Radcliffe Publishing 2005
X Ray a medical yearbook 1969
You Are What You Say : A Harvard Doctor's Six-Step Proven Program for Transforming Stress Through the Power of Language M.D. Matthew Budd Crown 2000 Hardcover
You Legend Linda Adriaanse; John Purnell
You're a Miracle... Pass It On! Monica Dougherty Trafford Publishing 2007
You're a Miracle...Pass It on Monica Dougherty Iuniverse Inc 2000
パッチ・アダムスいま、みんなに伝えたいこと パッチ・アダムス; 高柳和江 主婦の友社 2002
パッチ・アダムスと夢の病院 パッチ・アダムス; モーリン・マイランダー 主婦の友社 2005
パッチ・アダムスと夢の病院 パッチアダムス; モーリーンマイランダー 主婦の友社 1999
ホスピタルクラウン 大棟耕介 サンクチュアリパブリッシング 2007
子供ができました よしもとばなな 新潮社 2003
心からのお見舞い パッチ・アダムス 英潮社フェニックス 2000
心に響く保健医療者のコミュニケーション術 蝦名玲子 英潮社 2005
森岡ママは今日も笑顔で丘の上 森岡まさ子 講談社 2007