Title Author Publisher Publication Year Format
A dialogue on love Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick Beacon Press 1999
A Lifetime Of Secrets: A Postsecret Book Frank Warren William Morrow 2007 Hardcover
A Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are Byron Katie; Stephen Mitchell Harmony 2007 Hardcover
A Universe of Consciousness: How Matter Becomes Imagination Gerald Edelman; Giulio Tononi Basic Books 2000 Hardcover
A Vindication of Love: Reclaiming Romance for the Twenty-first Century Cristina Nehring Harper 2009 Hardcover
Adapting Minds: Evolutionary Psychology and the Persistent Quest for Human Nature (Bradford Books) David J. Buller The MIT Press 2006 Paperback
Affective Neuroscience: The Foundations of Human and Animal Emotions (Series in Affective Science) Jaak Panksepp Oxford University Press, USA 1998 Hardcover
Against Love: A Polemic Laura Kipnis Pantheon 2003 Hardcover
Alex & Me: How a Scientist and a Parrot Discovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence--and Formed a Deep Bond in the Process Irene Pepperberg Collins 2008 Hardcover
All About Love: New Visions (Bell Hooks Love Trilogy) Bell Hooks William Morrow 2000 Hardcover
Animal Minds: Beyond Cognition to Consciousness Donald R. Griffin University of Chicago Press 2001 Hardcover
Animal thinking Donald R. Griffin Harvar Univ. Pr 1984
Are You Ready for Lasting Love?: A Personal Guide to Creating Fulfilling Relationships Paddy S. Welles Da Capo Press 2002 Paperback
Art of Loving: The Centennial Edition Erich Fromm Continuum 2000 Hardcover
Artificial dreams H.R. Ekbia Cambridge University Press 2008 Hardcover
Beautiful Minds: The Parallel Lives of Great Apes and Dolphins Maddalena Bearzi; Craig B. Stanford Harvard University Press 2008 Hardcover
Behavior and evolution Jean Piaget Pantheon Books 1978
Bioenergetics Alexander Lowen Penguin Books Ltd 1979 Paperback
Brain and Culture: Neurobiology, Ideology, and Social Change (Bradford Books) Bruce E. Wexler The MIT Press 2006 Hardcover
Bright Air, Brilliant Fire: On The Matter Of The Mind Gerald M. Edelman Basic Books Inc.,U.S. 1992 Hardcover
Bright Air, Brilliant Fire: On the Matter of the Mind: a Noble Laureate's Revolutionary Vision of How the Mind Originates in the Brain Gerald M. Edelman Basic Books 1993 Paperback
Can't Remember What I Forgot: The Good News from the Front Lines of Memory Research Sue Halpern Harmony 2008 Hardcover
Caring, a feminine approach to ethics & moral education Nel Noddings University of California Press 1984
Ce qui nous fait penser. Englis Jean-Pierre Changeux Princeton University Press 2000 Hardcover
Chesapeake James A. Michener
Comparative cognition Edward A. Wasserman; Thomas R. Zentall Oxford University Press 2006
Consciousness and Mental Life Prof. Daniel N. Robinson Columbia University Press 2007 Hardcover
Consciousness and the Computational Mind (Explorations in Cognitive Science) Ray Jackendoff MIT Press 1987 Hardcover
Consciousness Explained Daniel C. Dennett Little Brown & Co (T) 1991 Hardcover
Conversations on mind, matter, and mathematics Jean-Pierre Changeux Princeton University Press 1995
David's Book of Love James A. Disbrow TISSA, Inc. 1985
Descartes' Error Antonio Damasio Putnam Adult 1994 Paperback
Discovering: Inventing And Solving Problems At The Frontiers Of Scientific Knowledge. Robert Scott Root-Bernstein Harvard University Press 1989 Hardcover
Emotional Cleansing Marty Klein Creative Arts Book Company 2002
Emotional Intelligence: 10th Anniversary Edition; Why It Can Matter More Than IQ Prof. Daniel Goleman Ph.D. Bantam 2006 Hardcover
Enchanted Love: The Mystical Power Of Intimate Relationships Marianne Williamson Simon & Schuster 2001 Paperback
Escape From New York Mike Mcquay Bantam Books Inc 1981 Paperback
Finding Our Tongues: Mothers, Infants, and the Origins of Language Dean Falk Basic Books 2009 Hardcover
Follow Your True Colors to the Work You Love Carolyn Kalil True Colors 1998 Paperback
Forgive for Love: The Missing Ingredient for a Healthy and Lasting Relationship Frederic Luskin HarperOne 2008 Hardcover
Foundations of Language: Brain, Meaning, Grammar, Evolution Ray Jackendoff Oxford University Press 2003 Paperback
From Jesus with love: success with people Maria Fontaine Aurora Production 2004
From learning to love Harry Frederick Harlow Praeger 1986
From Stress to Strength: How to Lighten Your Load and Save Your Life Robert S. Eliot Bantam 1994 Paperback
Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples Harville Hendrix Ph.D. Harper Perennial 1990 Paperback
Guilt is the teacher, love is the lesson Joan Borysenko Crucible 1990
Hand and mind David McNeill University of Chicago Press 1992
Hand and Mind: What Gestures Reveal About Thought David McNeill University of Chicago Press 1996 Paperback
Handbook of neuroscience for the behavioral sciences Gary G. Berntson; John T. Cacioppo Wiley 2009
Handbook of neuroscience for the behavioral sciences Gary G. Berntson; John T. Cacioppo Wiley 2009
Hands of My Father: A Hearing Boy, His Deaf Parents, and the Language of Love Myron Uhlberg Bantam 2009 Hardcover
Hardwired for Love Helene B. Leonetti Midpoint Trade Books Inc 2010
Harry's Homilies Harry L.S. Knopf; D. Knopf AuthorHouse 2001
Healing and the Mind Bill Moyers DoubleDay 1993 Paperback
Health through discovery George B. Dintiman; Jerrold S. Greenberg Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. 1980
Heart: A Personal Journey Through Its Myths and Meanings Gail Godwin William Morrow 2001 Hardcover
Homage to the Sun: The Wisdom of the Magus of Strovolos Kyriacos C. Markides Penguin (Non-Classics) 1988 Paperback
How the Mind Works Steven Pinker Scientific American Modern Classics 2004 Hardcover
I And Thou Martin Buber Free Press 1971 Paperback
Ideas: A History of Thought and Invention, from Fire to Freud Peter Watson Harper Perennial 2006 Paperback
If the Buddha Dated: A Handbook for Finding Love on a Spiritual Path Charlotte Kasl Penguin (Non-Classics) 1999 Paperback
If You Love Me Elaine Coffman
In Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind Eric R. Kandel W. W. Norton 2006 Hardcover
Introducing Evolutionary Psychology (Introducing...) Dylan Evans; Oscar Zarate Icon Books Ltd 1999 Paperback
Joy Masami Sato Envision Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd 2007
Kinsey: Sex The Measure Of All Things Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy Indiana University Press 2004 Paperback
Language learnability and language development Pinker Steven Harvard University Press 1984 Hardcover
Language, Consciousness, Culture Ray Jackendoff The MIT Press 2009
Learnability and cognition Steven Pinker The MIT Press 1991
Learning to love Harry Frederick Harlow J. Aronson 1974
Learning True Love: How I Learned and Practiced Social Change in Vietnam Sister Chan Khong Parallax Press 1993 Paperback
Lev Vygotsky Fred Newman; Lois Holzman Psychology Press 1993
Lingua ex machina William H. Calvin; Derek Bickerton MIT Press 2000 Hardcover
Living, Loving&Learning Leo F. Buscaglia Ballantine Books 1983 Paperback
Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain Antonio R. Damasio Harcourt 2003 Hardcover
Love Modern Library Random House Publishing Group 1999
Love Robert C. Solomon Prometheus Books 1990
Love Mary DeVorss & Company 1959 Paperback
Love Leo F. Buscaglia Fawcett 1985 Mass Market Paperback
Love & language Ilan Stavans; Veronica Albin Yale University Press 2007
Love & Survival: The Scientific Basis for the Healing Power of Intimacy Dr Dean Ornish HarperCollins 1998 Hardcover
Love and Friendship Allan David Bloom Simon & Schuster 1993 Hardcover
Love and Hate: The Natural History of Behavior Patterns Irenaus Eibl-Eibesfeldt Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1972 Hardcover
Love and Modern Medicine: Stories Perri Klass Mariner Books 2001 Paperback
Love at Goon Park Blum Deborah Perseus Pub. 2002 Hardcover
Love Blossoms from the Heart William Miller; Debra Miller Global Dharma Center
Love Heels: Tales from Canine Companions for Independence Patricia Dibsie Yorkville Press 2003 Hardcover
Love Her As She Is Pat Morgan; Kelly Morgan Patricia Morgan 2000
Love Is Forever Nightwood Productions Nightwood Productions 2006
Love is letting go of fear Gerald G. Jampolsky Bantam Books 1981
LOVE Jewels From the Words of Abdu'l-Baha Paperback
Love Letters, Lost Babbette Hines Princeton Architectural Press 2004 Hardcover
Love without limits Deborah M. Anapol Intinet Resource Center 1992
Love, Medicine, and Miracles Dr. Bernie S. Siegel HarperCollins 1986 Hardcover
Love, truth & perception Kathy Oddenino Joy Publications 1993
Love: A Celebration in Art & Literature Jane Lahr; Lena Tabori Stewart, Tabori and Chang 1982 Hardcover
Love: A Century of Love and Passion Plarence Montreynaud; Florence Montreynaud Evergreen 1998 Hardcover
Love: Penhaligon's Scented Treasury of Verse and Prose Sheila Pickles Harmony 1988 Hardcover
Love's Hidden Symmetry: What Makes Love Work in Relationships Bert Hellinger Zeig, Tucker & Theisen 1998 Hardcover
Love's Many Faces Aurora Production AG; Keith Phillips Aurora Production AG 2002
Love's Many Faces Aurora Production AG; Keith Phillips Aurora Production AG 2002
Love's Way : The Union of Body, Ego, Soul and Spirit Brenda Schaeffer Hazelden 2001 Paperback
Lover's Discourse Fragments Professor Roland Barthes Hill & Wang 1979 Paperback
Loving medicine Rosy Thomson Gateway 1990
Loving More Ryam Neraing Polyfidelitous Educational 1992
Madness and Modernity: Mental Illness and the Visual Arts in Vienna 1900 Gemma Blackshaw; Leslie Topp; Nicola Imrie; Luke Heighton; Sabine Wieber; Geoffrey C. Howes Lund Humphries 2009 Hardcover
Managing Stress Brian Luke Seaward Jones & Bartlett Publishers 2005 Paperback
Managing Stress Brian Luke Seaward Jones & Bartlett Publishers 2005 Paperback
Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being (Web Enhanced with CD-ROM) Brian Luke Seaward Jones & Bartlett Publishers 2002 Paperback
Maya Sends Her Love Stephen Pirie ProCreative Pty, Limited 2006
Mind And Nature Gregory Bateson Dutton Adult 1979 Hardcover
Mind in Society: Development of Higher Psychological Processes L.S. Vygotsky Harvard University Press 1978 Paperback
Miracle of love Dass Ram Dutton 1979
Mirroring People: The New Science of How We Connect with Others Marco Iacoboni Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2008 Hardcover
Mirrors in the Brain: How Our Minds Share Actions, Emotions, and Experience Giacomo Rizzolatti Oxford University Press 2007 Hardcover
My Secret: A PostSecret Book (Postsecret) Frank Warren William Morrow 2006 Hardcover
Ntg- Managing Stress 5e Student Not Seaward Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc 2005 Paperback
Oh, The Thinks You Can Think! (Beginner Books(R)) Dr. Seuss Random House Books for Young Readers 1975 Hardcover
On Human Nature Edward O. Wilson Harvard University Press 1978 Hardcover
On Intelligence Jeff Hawkins; Sandra Blakeslee Times Books 2004 Hardcover
On Love Alain De Botton Atlantic Monthly Pr 1993 Hardcover
On the Origins of Cognitive Science: The Mechanization of the Mind Jean-Pierre Dupuy The MIT Press 2009 Paperback
Open mind, discriminating mind Charles T. Tart Harper & Row 1989
Patterns in the Mind: Language and Human Nature Ray Jackendoff Basic Books Inc.,U.S. 1994 Hardcover
Person to Person: The Problem in Being Human Carl R. Rogers Ph.D.; Barry Stevens Real People Press,U.S. 1967 Paperback
Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind V.S. Ramachandran; Sandra Blakeslee William Morrow 1998 Hardcover
Philosophy and love Linnell Secomb Indiana University Press 2007
Playing by Heart O. Fred Donaldson Health Communications 1993
PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives Frank Warren William Morrow 2005 Hardcover
Pragmatics of Human Communication: A Study of Interactional Patterns, Pathologies, and Paradoxes Paul Watzlawick; Janet Helmick Beavin; M.D. Jackson W. W. Norton & Company 1967 Hardcover
Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Mind John C. Lilly Julian Press 1972 Softcover
Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain Maryanne Wolf Harper 2007 Hardcover
Proust Was A Neuroscientist Jonah Lehrer Houghton Mifflin 2007 Hardcover
Psychological Investigations: A Clinician's Guide to Social Therapy Lois Holzman Guilford Publications 2003 Paperback
Psychoneuroimmunology Robert Ader; David L. Felten Academic Press 1991
Radiant Joy Brilliant Love: Secrets for Creating an Extraordinary Life and Profound Intimacy With Your Partner Clinton Callahan Hohm Press 2007 Paperback
Receiving Love: Transform Your Relationship by Letting Yourself Be Loved Hendrix Harville PhD; Hunt Helen Ph.D. Atria 2004 Hardcover
Revolution in Mind: The Creation of Psychoanalysis George Makari Harper 2008 Hardcover
Romance for Dummies (Pine Forge Press Series in Research Methods and Statistics) Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer Running Press Book Publishers 2001 Hardcover
Sacrificing our selves for love Jane Wegscheider Hyman; Esther R. Rome; Boston Women's Health Book Collective Crossing Press 1996
Sincerity and authenticity. Lionel Trilling Harvard University Press 1972
Social Intelligence: The New Science Of Human Relationships Prof. Daniel Goleman Ph.D. Bantam 2006 Hardcover
Society Of Mind Marvin Minsky Simon & Schuster 1988 Paperback
States of Mind Jonathan Miller Pantheon 1984
Steps to an Ecology of Mind: Collected Essays in Anthropology, Psychiatry, Evolution, and Epistemology Gregory Bateson Jason Aronson Inc 1987 Hardcover
Stress and Health: Biological and Psychological Interactions (BEHAVIORAL MEDICINE AND HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY) William R. Lovallo Sage Publications, Inc 2004 Paperback
Synaptic Self: How Our Brains Become Who We Are Joseph Ledoux Viking Adult 2002 Hardcover
Teaching children to love Doc Lew Childre; Sara Paddison Planetary Publications 1996
The 12 Stages of Healing: A Network Approach to Wholeness Donald M. Epstein; Nathaniel Altman Amber-Allen Publishing 1994 Paperback
The Accidental Mind: How Brain Evolution Has Given Us Love, Memory, Dreams, and God David J. Linden Belknap Press 2007 Hardcover
The act of thinking Derek Melser MIT 2004 Hardcover
The Adapted mind Jerome H. Barkow; Leda Cosmides; John Tooby Oxford University Press 1992 Hardcover
The Alchemy of Love and Lust Theresa L. Crenshaw Pocket 1997 Paperback
The Alphabet Versus the Goddess Leonard Shlain Viking Adult 1998 Hardcover
The Biology of Transcendence: A Blueprint of the Human Spirit Joseph Chilton Pearce Park Street Press 2002 Hardcover
The Birth of Pleasure Carol Gilligan Vintage 2003 Paperback
The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial Of Human Nature Steven Pinker Viking Adult 2002 Hardcover
The Body Has a Mind of Its Own: How Body Maps in Your Brain Help You Do (Almost) Everything Better Sandra Blakeslee; Matthew Blakeslee Random House 2007 Hardcover
The Book of Qualities J. Ruth Gendler Harper Paperbacks 1988 Paperback
The Brain and the Meaning of Life Paul Thagard Princeton University Press 2010
The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science (James H. Silberman Books) Norman Doidge Viking Adult 2007 Hardcover
The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science (James H. Silberman Books) Norman Doidge Viking Adult 2007 Hardcover
The Cognitive Neurosciences Michael S. Gazzaniga Mit Pr 1995 Hardcover
The Emotion Machine: Commonsense Thinking, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of the Human Mind Marvin Minsky Simon & Schuster 2006 Hardcover
The Evolution Of Desire: Strategies Of Human Mating David M. Buss Basic Books 1994 Hardcover
The Executive Brain: Frontal Lobes and the Civilized Mind Elkhonon Goldberg PH.D Oxford University Press, USA 2001 Hardcover
The Female Brain Louann Brizendine Md Broadway 2006 Hardcover
The Female Brain Louann Brizendine Md Broadway 2006 Hardcover
The First Idea: How Symbols, Language, And Intelligence Evolved From Our Primate Ancestors To Modern Humans Stanley I. Greenspan; Stuart G. Shanker Da Capo Press 2004 Hardcover
The First Love Stories: From Isis and Osiris to Tristan and Iseult Diane Wolkstein Perennial 1992 Paperback
The Four Seasons of Marriage Dr. Gary Chapman Tyndale House Publishers 2007 Paperback
The Kiss Miriam Friedman; Universe Books Universe Books 1976
The language of thought Jerry A. Fodor Crowell 1975
The Little Big Book of Love Lena Tabori William Morrow 2000 Hardcover
The Lost Art of Compassion Lorne Ladner HarperSanFrancisco 2004 Hardcover
The Male Brain M.D. Louann Brizendine Broadway 2010 Hardcover
The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship: A Toltec Wisdom Book Miguel Ruiz Amber-Allen Publishing 1999 Paperback
The medicine of compassion Adventures in Caring Foundation 2004
The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force Jeffrey M. Schwartz; Sharon Begley Harper Perennial 2003 Paperback
The Mind Body Connection Ian Gawler Gawler Foundation 1996
The modern world Irving Singer Univ. of Chicago Pr. 1987
The Nature of Love Irving Singer MIT Press 2009
The Nature of Love Irving Singer MIT Press 2009
The new psychology of love Robert J. Sternberg; Karin Weis Yale University Press 2006 Hardcover
The Octopus and the Orangutan: More True Tales of Animal Intrigue, Intelligence, and Ingenuity Eugene Linden Plume 2003 Paperback
The origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind Julian Jaynes Houghton Mifflin 1976 Hardcover
The Oxford Companion to the Mind Richard L. Gregory Oxford University Press, USA 2004 Hardcover
The Passionate Life: Stages of Loving Sam Keen HarperOne 1992 Paperback
The Physics of Consciousness: The Quantum Mind and the Meaning of Life Evan Harris Walker Basic Books 2000 Paperback
The Power of Nice: How to Conquer the Business World With Kindness Linda Kaplan Thaler; Robin Koval Currency 2006 Hardcover
The Power of Partnership: Seven Relationships That Will Change Your Life Riane Eisler New World Library 2003 Paperback
The reasons of love Harry G. Frankfurt Princeton University Press 2004
The Reasons of Love Harry G. Frankfurt Princeton University Press 2006 Paperback
The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature Matt Ridley Macmillan Pub Co 1994 Hardcover
The remembered present Gerald M. Edelman Basic Books 1989
The Science of Kissing Sheril Kirshenbaum Grand Central Publishing 2011
The Secret Life of the Brain M.D. Richard Restak; David Grubin Joseph Henry Press 2001 Hardcover
The Secret of Staying in Love John Powell Thomas More Association 1995 Paperback
The South Beach Diet Arthur Agatston
The Stress Management Workbook: An Action Plan for Taking Control of Your Life and Health Stephen R. Aronson Appleton & Lange 1981 Paperback
The truth about relationships Greg Baer Blue Ridge Press 1998
The Way to Love (Image Pocket Classics) Anthony De Mello Image 1995 Paperback
The Way to Love (Image Pocket Classics) Anthony De Mello Image 1995 Paperback
The wonder of the brain Gopi Krishna F.I.N.D. Research Trust ; Noroton Heights, Conn. : 1987
Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques (2nd Edition) Michael Michalko Ten Speed Press 2006 Paperback
Thinking for a living Kenneth A. Megill Walter de Gruyter 2004
Thinking with animals Lorraine Daston; Gregg Mitman Columbia Univ. Press 2005
Thought and Language - Revised Edition Lev S. Vygotsky The MIT Press 1986 Paperback
To Love Is to Be Happy With Barry Neil Kaufman Fawcett 1985 Mass Market Paperback
Total Recall: How the E-Memory Revolution Will Change Everything Gordon Bell; Jim Gemmell Dutton Adult 2009 Hardcover
Transcending the Levels of Consciousness Dr. M.D. Hawkins Ph.D. Veritas Publishing 2006 Paperback
Transforming Stress: The Heartmath Solution For Relieving Worry, Fatigue, And Tension Doc Childre New Harbinger Publications 2005 Paperback
Trilogical Metaphysics: Liberation of being Norberto R. Keppe Proton Pub. House 1994
True Love and Perfect Union William Leach Basic Books 1980 Hardcover
Unconditional Love: How to Live With an Open Heart in a Changing World Ed Shapiro; Deb Shapiro Times Books 2003 Paperback
Understanding Amae: The Japanese Concept of Need-Love (Collected Papers of Twentieth-Century Japanese Writers on Japan) Takeo Doi Global Oriental 2004 Hardcover
Understanding Gregory Bateson: Mind, Beauty, and the Sacred Earth (S U N Y Series in Environmental Philosophy and Ethics) Noel G. Charlton State University of New York Press 2008 Paperback
Unscientific Psychology: A Cultural-Performatory Approach to Understanding Human Life Dr. Fred Newman iUniverse, Inc. 2006 Paperback
Untouched Mariana Caplan Hohm Press 1998
Vygotsky at work and play Holzman Lois Routledge 2009 Hardcover
What Is Intelligence?: Beyond the Flynn Effect James R. Flynn Cambridge University Press 2007 Hardcover
What is love? Dhyan Vimal Zazen Pub. House 2006
When Men Believe in Love Susan Edwards Element Books, Incorporated 1996
When Species Meet (Posthumanities) Donna J. Haraway Univ Of Minnesota Press 2007 Paperback
Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love Helen Fisher Henry Holt and Co. 2004 Hardcover
Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers, 2nd Edition: An Updated Guide To Stress, Stress Related Diseases, and Coping ("Scientific American" Library) Robert M. Sapolsky W. H. Freeman 1998 Paperback
Wider Than the Sky: The Phenomenal Gift of Consciousness Gerald M. Edelman Yale University Press 2004 Hardcover
Wild Minds: What Animals Really Think Marc Hauser Ph.D. Henry Holt and Co. 2000 Hardcover
Wizard at Large Terry Brooks Random House Publishing Group 1987 Paperback
Words And Rules: The Ingredients Of Language (Science Masters Series) Steven Pinker Basic Books 1999 Hardcover
You Can Heal Your Life (Gift Edition) Louise Hay Hay House 1999 Turtleback