Title Author Publisher Publication Year Format
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2011 Single Image Contest Awards: B&W Special Issue Various
A Life In Photography Edward Steichen DoubleDay 1963 Hardcover
A Photographer's Life: 1990-2005 Annie Leibovitz Random House 2006 Hardcover
A Vanished World Roman Vishniac Farrar Straus & Giroux (T) 1984 Hardcover
Aaron Siskind 100 Aaron Siskind A Blind Spot Book 2003 Hardcover
Africa Michael Poliza teNeues Publishing (UK) Ltd 2006 Hardcover
Africa Mia Couto Taschen 2007 Hardcover
Africa Leni Riefenstahl Taschen 2006 Hardcover
Alfred Stieglitz Intro Norman Dorothy Aperture 1997 Hardcover
Alfred Stieglitz, An American Seer Alfred Stieglitz; Dorothy Norman Random House 1973 Hardcover
Alfred Stieglitz: Camera Work: A Pictorial Guide (Dover Art Collections) Alfred Stieglitz Dover Publications 1978 Paperback
Almost Perfect Wayne Schoenfeld SWC Editions 2004
Altars Robert Mapplethorpe Random House 1995 Hardcover
Alzheimer (German Edition) Christoph Ribbat Kehrer Verlag 2005 Hardcover
American Cockroach Lyall Watson; Steve Baker Aperture 2004 Hardcover
An Uncertain Grace Sebastiao Salgado; Fred Ritchin; Eduardo H. Galeano Aperture 1990 Hardcover
An-My Le: Small Wars Richard Woodward Aperture 2005 Hardcover
Andre Kertesz Michel Frizot; Annie-Laure Wanaverbecq; American Society for Testing and Materials Yale University Press 2010
Andre Kertesz Intro Kismaric Carole Aperture 1997 Hardcover
Animal Logic Richard E. Barnes Princeton Architectural Press 2009 Hardcover
Annie Leibovitz - Photographs Annie Leibovitz Pantheon 1984 Paperback
Another Way of Telling John Berger Vintage Books USA 1995 Paperback
Ansel Adams: Landscapes of the American West Lauris Morgan-Griffiths Quercus 2008 Hardcover
August Sander Intro Hartz John Von Aperture 1997 Hardcover
Autopsyrotica Chad Michael Ward Nantier Beall Minoustchine Publishing 2006 Paperback
Ba-ra-kei: Ordeal by Roses Eikō, Hosoe Aperture 2002 Hardcover
Bandits and Outlaws (Fact or Fiction) Stewart Ross Aladdin/Watts 1995 Hardcover
Barbara Morgan Deba P. Intro Patnaik Aperture 1999 Hardcover
Beat & pieces Fernanda Pivano; Allen Ginsberg; Davide Faccioli; Galleria Photology Photology 2005
Beautiful suffering Mark Reinhardt; Holly Edwards; Erina Dugganne Williams College Museum of Art 2007
Bent Objects: The Secret Life of Everyday Things Terry Border Running Press 2009 Hardcover
Berenice Abbott Intro Haaften Julia Van Aperture 1997 Hardcover
Between The Eyes: Essays On Photography And Politics John Berger; David Levi Strauss Aperture 2005 Paperback
Bodyscapes Jean-Paul Bourdier Mandala Publishing Group 2007 Hardcover
Born into Brothels: Photographs by the Children of Calcutta Zana Briski Umbrage Editions 2000 Hardcover
Camera lucida Professor Roland Barthes Hill and Wang 1981
Camera Lucida Roland Barthes Hill & Wang 1981 Hardcover
Carleton Watkins: Photographs Carleton E. Watkins Getty Trust Publications: J. Paul Getty Museum 1997 Paperback
Celebrating the American Earth - A Tribute to Ansel Adams Ansel Adams; John Szarkowski, Intro The Wilderness Society Softcover
Circus of Life Wayne Schoenfeld The Farmani Gallery Paperback
Coal Hollow: Photographs and Oral Histories (Series in Contemporary Photography) K. Light University of California Press 2006 Hardcover
Collective Memory Doug Keyes DECODE, Inc. 2008 Hardcover
Communities without borders David Bacon ILR Press 2006
Contact Sheet 129: Berlin in the Time of the Wall Light Work Light Work 2004 Paperback
Creative Photography Helmut Gerscheim Boston Books 1962 Hardcover
CUIDAR - UM DOCUMENTARIO SOBRE A MEDICINA Andre Francois Imagemágica Editora
Curse Of The Black Gold: 50 Years of Oil in the Niger Delta Kashi powerHouse Books 2008 Hardcover
Darfur: Twenty Years of War and Genocide in Sudan Leora Kahn powerHouse Books 2007 Hardcover
Daring to Look: Dorothea Lange's Photographs and Reports from the Field Anne Whiston Spirn University of Chicago Press 2008 Hardcover
Dawn of the 21st Century : The Millennium Photo Project David Kilgour; Alx Klive Smashing Books 2000 Hardcover
Devilengine Chad Michael Ward Nantier Beall Minoustchine Publishing 2007 Paperback
Diane Arbus Revelations Diane Arbus Random House 2003 Hardcover
Diane Arbus: Untitled Arbus Diane Aperture 2005 Hardcover
Diaspora: Homelands in Exile (2 Volume Set) Frederic Brenner HarperCollins 2003 Hardcover
Different Stuart Hall Phaidon Press 2001 Hardcover
Dimensiones Estuardo Maldonado Museo Antropologico y de Arte Contemporaneo Hardcover
Don't kiss me Louise Downie; Claude Cahun; Suzanne Malherbe Aperture Foundation 2006 Hardcover
Dorothea Lange (Phaidon 55's) Dorothea Lange Phaidon Press 2001 Paperback
E (Emergency) Emergency Mondadori 2005
Edward Steichen: Lives In Photography Todd Brandow; William A. Ewing W. W. Norton 2008 Gebundene Ausgabe
Edward Weston R.H. Intro Cravens Aperture 2005 Hardcover
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Eikoh Hosoe Intro Holborn Mark Aperture 1999 Hardcover
Eugene Atget Intro Lifson Ben Aperture 1997 Hardcover
Faces Francois Robert; Jean Robert Chronicle Books 2000 Paperback
Faces of Hope: Children of a Changing World Alison Wright; Marian Wright Edelman New World Library 2003 Hardcover
Family Margaret Mead; Henry Heyman Ridge Press Books 1965 Hardcover
Family of Woman Jerry Mason Penguin Putnam~childrens Hc 1979 Hardcover
Fear This Anthony Suau Aperture 2004 Paperback
Flashing on the Sixties Lisa Law Squarebooks 2000
For Every Minute You Are Angry You Lose Sixty Seconds of Happiness Julian Germain; Charles Snelling Steidl 2005 Hardcover
Forming, Shaping and Working of High-Performance Ceramics. I.J. McColm Kluwer Academic Publishers 1988 Hardcover
Francesca Woodman Chris Townsend Phaidon Press 2006 Hardcover
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Frontiers of Photography Time life Books 1972
Ghost in the shell Robert A. Sobieszek Los Angeles County Museum of Art ; Cambridge 1999 Paperback
Graciela Iturbide: Juchitan Judith Keller Getty Publications 2008 Hardcover
Harry Callahan Intro Williams Jonathan Aperture 1999 Hardcover
Helmut Newton, Sex and Landscapes (Photobook) Philippe Garner Taschen GmbH 2004 Hardcover
Helmut Newton, Work, Englisch-Französisch (Jumbo) June Newton; Helmut Newton Taschen Verlag 2000 Hardcover
Helmut Newton: Portraits Klaus Honnef; Helmut Newton Schirmer Art Books 2004 Hardcover
Henri Cartier Bresson Series Master Aperture Foundation, Incorporated 2002
Henri Cartier-Bresson (Aperture Masters of Photography) Aperture; Henri Cartier-Bresson Aperture 1997 Hardcover
How the Other Half Lives Jacob Riis Dover Publications 1971 Paperback
I Am a Lover Evan S. connell; Jerry Stoll Angel Island Publications 1961 Paperback
I Dream a World: Portraits of Black Women Who Changed America Brian Lanker Stewart Tabori & Chang 1989 Paperback
Image-Music-Text Professor Roland Barthes Hill & Wang 1978 Paperback
Immediate Family Sally Mann Aperture 2005 Paperback
Imperial William T. Vollmann powerHouse Books 2009 Hardcover
In Focus - Doris Ulmann Doris Ulmann The J. Paul Getty Museum 1996 Softcover
In Focus: Julia Margaret Cameron: Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum (In Focus) J. Paul Getty Museum Getty Publications 1996 Paperback
In Focus: National Geographic Greatest Portraits National Geographic Society; Various; Leah Bendavid-Val; Chris Johns; Sam Abell; William Allard National Geographic 2004 Hardcover
In Focus: William Fox Talbot : Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum (In Focus (J. Paul Getty Museum)) Larry J. Schaaf Getty Trust Publications: J. Paul Getty Museum 2002 Paperback
Intertidal Jesse Burke; John Jenkins Decode Books 2008
iWitness Tom Stoddart Trolley 2004 Relié
Joel Sternfeld: American Prospects Andy Grundberg; Katy Siegel; Anne W. Tucker .A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, Inc. 2003 Hardcover
Just Add Water: Photographs by Burk Uzzle Burk Uzzle; Vicki Goldberg Five Ties Publishing 2007 Hardcover
Kanaval Leah Gordon; Stuart Baker; Don Constantino; Richard Fleming Soul Jazz Records 2010
La jet\02B9ee Chris Marker Zone Books 1992
La vita è bella Edoardo Beltrami E. Beltrami 2008
Laurie Simmons: Walking, Talking, Lying Kate Linker Aperture 2005 Hardcover
Lee Miller - Photographer Lee Miller Themes and Hudson 1989 Softcover
Life in Camelot Philip B. Kunhardt Little, Brown 1988 Hardcover
Lonely Planet One People: many journeys (Lonely Planet Pictorial) Lonely Planet Publications Lonely Planet Publications 2005 Hardcover
Loretta Lux Loretta Lux Aperture 2005 Hardcover
Love and Desire: Photoworks William Ewing Chronicle Books 1999 Paperback
Magnum Stories Chris Boot Phaidon Press 2004 Hardcover
Magritte And Photography René Magritte D.A.P./Ludion 2005 Hardcover
Man Ray (Aperture Masters of Photography) Man Ray; Jed Perl; Aperture Aperture 2005 Hardcover
Manuel Alvarez Bravo A.D. Intro Coleman Aperture 1997 Hardcover
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Margaret Bourke-White - Photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White Cornell University East Asia Program 1972 Hardcover
Material World: A Global Family Portrait Peter Menzel; Charles C. Mann Sierra Club Books 1995 Paperback
Migrations: Humanity in Transition Sebastiao Salgado Aperture 2000 Hardcover
Mike Kelley John Welchman Phaidon Press 1999 Paperback
Mission to India Wayne Schoenfeld; Rex Weiner SWC Editions 2006
Moholy-Nagy Laszlo Moholy-Nagy; Renate Heyne; Floris M. Neususs; Hattula Moholy-Nagy; Herbert Molderings Hatje Cantz 2009
Moments in time Press Associated Gallery Books 1984 Hardcover
Mother & child Jan Reynolds Inner Traditions / Bear & Company 1997
Natives. Canti degli indiani d'America Mondadori 2005
Nettles Holton Rower Flockophobic Press 1991
Nettles Holton Rower Flockophobic Press Ltd. 1991 Softcover
Nicaragua, a decade of revolution Lou Dematteis; Anthony Jenkins W.W. Norton 1991
No Smoking Luc Sante Editions Assouline 2004 Hardcover
Odyssey Jane Livingston; Frances Fralin; Declan Haun; National Geographic Society; Corcoran Gallery of Art Thomasson-Grant 1988
On Photography Susan Sontag Farrar Straus & Giroux (T) 1977 Hardcover
On Photography Susan Sontag Farrar Straus & Giroux (T) 1977 Hardcover
On This Earth: Photographs from East Africa Nick Brandt; Alice Sebold; Dr. Jane Goodall Chronicle Books 2005 Hardcover
One Ken Ohara Taschen 1997
One World, One People: A Collection of Photographs and Essays on the Power of the Human Experience Robert White; Yoshiaki Nagashima Arc Intl 1993 Paperback
Our Culture Is Our Resistance: Repression, Refuge, and Healing in Guatemala Jonathan Moller powerHouse Books 2004 Hardcover
Paul Strand (Aperture Masters of Photography) Mark Haworth-Booth; Paul Strand; Mark Haworth Booth Aperture 2005 Hardcover
Peace On Earth - Photographs By Magnum Various Golden Pr 1964 Softcover
Perpetual Motif - the Art of Man Ray Stephen C. Foster; Billy Kluver zahlr. Ill. 1988 Hardcover
Photography Annual crown publishers 1953 Hardcover
Quarries Edward Burtynsky Steidl 2009 Hardcover
Ralph Eugene Meatyard 20051013d2004 M. Y0frey50 Ba Steidl Publishing 2005 Hardcover
Rene\0301 Burri photographs Rene\ Burri Phaidon 2004
Rivelazioni. 365 pensieri d'America latina Danielle Follmi; Olivier Follmi L'ippocampo 2006
River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West Rebecca Solnit Viking Adult 2003 Hardcover
Robert Frank: The Americans Robert Frank Ph.D.; Jack Kerouac Steidl/National Gallery of Art, Washington 2008 Hardcover
Robert Mapplethorpe Robert Mapplethorpe; Richard Marshall Whitney Museum of Art 1988 Softcover
Saga Arno Rafael Minkkinen Chronicle Books 2005
Sahel: The End of the Road (Series in Contemporary Photography, 3) Sebastiao Salgado University of California Press 2004 Hardcover
Saudek Daniela Mrazkova Taschen 2006 Gebundene Ausgabe
Scotlandfuturebog Ben Marcus Aperture Foundation, Incorporated 2002
Sebastiao Salgado: An Uncertain Grace Robert Ryman Aperture 2005 Paperback
Sebastiao Salgado: Workers Sebastião, Salgado Aperture 2005 Hardcover
Seeing Is Believing Simon Balderstone McGregor, J M 1994
Shots David Fenton; Tom Hayden; Norman Mailer Earth Aware Editions 2005
Sons of Sindbad - The Photographs: Dhow Voyages with the Arabs in 1938 -39 Alan Villiers Arabian Publishing Ltd 2006 Hardcover
Stanley Greene Stanley Greene; Teun van der Heijden Aperture 2010
Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places Lynn Tillman Aperture 2005 Hardcover
Stolen dreams David Lewis Parker; Lee Engfer; Robert Conrow Twenty-First Century Books 1998
The Animals John Szarkowski Museum of Modern Art 2004 Hardcover
The art of color photography John Hedgecoe, Jack Tresidder
The Best Of Life David E. Scherman
The body at risk Carol Squiers University of California Press 2005
The Brown Sisters - Thirty-three Years Nicholas Nixon The Museum of Modern Art, New York 2007 Hardcover
The children Sebastião, Salgado Aperture 2000 Hardcover
The concerned photographer 2 Grossman Publishers 1972 Hardcover
The Cruel Radiance Susie Linfield University of Chicago Press 2010
The Family Of Children Mason Grosset & Dunlap Inc 1977 Paperback
The Family of Man Edward Steichen Simon & Schuster 1955 Hardcover
The Frenchman: A Photographic Interview with Fernandel (Photo Books) (Photo Books S.) Philippe Halsman Taschen 2005 Hardcover
The Full Body Project: Photographs by Leonard Nimoy Leonard Nimoy; Anne Wilkes Tucker; Natalie Angier Five Ties Publishing 2007 Hardcover
The Great LIFE Photographers The Editors Of LIFE Bulfinch 2004 Hardcover
The Great Themes Time life Books 1970 Hardcover
The Human Figure in Motion Eadweard Muybridge Dover Publications Inc. 2000 Hardcover
The illustrated history of the camera from 1839 to the present D.B. Tubbs
The Joy of Photography the editors of Eastman Kodak Company Addison-Wesley 1980 Paperback
THE KISS: A Romantic Treasury Molly Jay Running Press 2000 Hardcover
The Life of man;: A time to weep ... and a time to laugh, Caroline Poh
The lingerie book Mitchel Gray; Mary F. Kennedy St. Martin's Press 1980
The North American Indians Edward S. Curtis Aperture 1988 Paperback
The ongoing moment Geoff Dyer Random House, Inc. 2005
The Panama Hat Trail Tom Miller Vintage 1988 Paperback
The Shape of a Pocket John Berger Vintage 2003 Paperback
The travel book Lonely Planet Publications Lonely Planet 2004 Hardcover
Thinking Photography (Communications & Culture) Victor Burgin Palgrave Macmillan 1982
This Is War!: Robert Capa at Work: 1936 - 1945 Richard Whelan Steidl Verlag 2007 Hardcover
Through the Lens: National Geographic's Greatest Photographs Leah Bendavid-Val National Geographic 2003 Hardcover
Tina Modotti Intro Hooks Margaret Aperture 2005 Hardcover
Tom Wood: Photie Man Tom Wood Steidl 2005 Paperback
Unembedded Chelsea Green Pub. Company 2005
Up North Joe Brandmeier Hardcover
US Camera Annual William Morrow and Company 1939 Spiral
Volti del cinema italiano Basilissa venezia 2002 Paperback
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Walker Evans Intro Fonvielle Lloyd Aperture 2005 Hardcover
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Water Light Time David Doubilet Phaidon Press 2006
Ways of Seeing: Based on the BBC Television Series John Berger Penguin Books Ltd 1990 Paperback
Weegee Intro Talmey Allene Aperture 1997 Hardcover
What is your secret? Tony Pletts Hardcover
What Remains Sally Mann Bulfinch Press,U.S. 2003 Hardcover
Where we find ourselves Justin Kimball; Center for American Places; Columbia College Center for American Places 2006
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: A Photographer's Chronicle of the Iraq War Ashley Gilbertson University of Chicago Press 2007 Hardcover
William Christenberry Andy Grundberg; Elizabeth Broun; Howard Fox; William Christenberry Aperture 2006 Hardcover
Women in the Material World Faith D'Aluisio; Peter Menzel Sierra Club Books 1998 Paperback
Wynn Bullock Intro Fuess David Aperture 1999 Hardcover
You have seen their faces Caldwell Erskine University of Georgia Press 1995
広島・長崎(写真集) 子どもたちに世界に!被爆の記録を贈る会; 平和博物館を創る会 平和のアトリエ 2000