Physical Science
Title Author Publisher Publication Year Format
A Short History of Time Leofranc Holford-Strevens The Folio Society 2007 Hardcover
ABC of Relativity Bertrand Russell Ruskin House 1958 Hardcover
Albert Einstein, creator and rebel Banesh Hoffmann New American Library 1972 Paperback
Albert Einstein, The Human Side Albert Einstein Princeton University Press 1981 Paperback
Antoine Laviosier - Scientist, economist, social reformer Douglas McKie Collier Books 1962 Paperback
Connections James Burke St Martins Pr 1980 Paperback
Easy and Not So Easy Pieces Richard P. Feynman The Folio Society 2008 Hardcover
Einstein and the poet William Hermanns; Albert Einstein Branden Books 1983
Einstein on Peace Albert Einstein Schocken Books 1968 Paperback
Einstein, the life and times Ronald W. Clark Avon 1972 Paperback
Einstein's Relativity - the special and general theory The Folio Society 2004 Hardcover
Flight Coates Lear Year 1953 Hardcover
Fractals Everywhere: The First Course in Deterministic Fractal Geometry Michael Fielding Barnsley Academic Press 1988 Hardcover
Gene dreams Robert Teitelman Basic Books 1989
Hercolubus or Red Planet V.M. Rabolu 2004 Paperback
Ideas and Opinions Albert Einstein The Folio Society 2010 Hardcover
Mr Tompkins in Paperback: Comprising 'Mr Tompkins in Wonderland' and 'Mr Tompkins Explores the Atom' George Gamow Cambridge University Press 1965 Paperback
Out of my later years Albert Einstein Littlefield, Adams and Co. 1967 Paperback
Prodigal Genius, the life of Nikola Tesla John J. O'neill Ives Washburn 1944 Paperback
The Double Helix James D. Watson Antheneum 1968 Hardcover
The Elements: A Visual Exploration Of Every Known Atom In The Universe Theodore Gray Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers 2009 Hardcover
The First Three Minutes Stephen Weinberg Bantam 1979 Paperback
The Fractal Geometry of Nature Benoit B. Mandelbrot W. H. Freeman 1983 Hardcover
The Life of Pasteur Rene Vallery-Radot Dover 1960 Paperback
The Man who tapped the secrets of the universe Glenn Clark University of Science and Philosophy 1975 Hardcover
The Sceptical Chymist Robert Boyle J.M. Dent and Sons Hardcover
Werner Heisenberg Armin Hermann Inter Nationes 1976 Paperback
What's Life Erwin Schroedinger The Folio Society 2000 Hardcover