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CUIDAR - UM DOCUMENTARIO SOBRE A MEDICINA Andre Francois Imagemágica Editora
CUIDAR - UM DOCUMENTARIO SOBRE A MEDICINA Andre Francois Imagemágica Editora
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Dare to imagine Nérée St-Amand; Eugène LeBlanc Our Voice/Notre voix 2008
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Handbook of Child Psychology: Social, emotional, and personality development William Damon; Nancy Eisenberg J. Wiley 1998
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Lourdes of Psychotherapy Ronald David Laing; Carlos Amantea Milton H. Erickson Foundation Press, The 1992
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Making us crazy Herb Kutchins Free Press 1997 Hardcover
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The Bookman's Promise (Cliff Janeway Novels ) John Dunning Pocket Star 2005 Mass Market Paperback
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