Title Author Publisher Publication Year Format
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Building Robots (Absolute Beginner's Guide) Gareth Branwyn Que 2003 Paperback
Bicycle: The History David V. Herlihy Yale University Press 2004 Hardcover
Fix It Yourself Manual Reader's Digest Editors Readers Digest 1981 Hardcover
Internet Roadside Attractions: Sites, Sounds & Scenes Along the Information Superhighway Gareth Branwyn; Sean Carton; Luke Duncan Ventana Pr 1995 Paperback
Jamming the media Gareth Branwyn Chronicle Books 1997
Mosaic quick tour for Mac Gareth Branwyn VENTANA PRESS 1994
National Geographic Atlas of the World national geographic society 1963 Softcover
Origins of Everyday Things Reader's Digest UK Reader's Digest 1998 Hardcover
Past Worlds Atlas of Archaeology Harpercollins; Borders Press Harper Collins 1999 Paperback
Rand McNally World Atlas Rand McNally and Company Rand McNally 1984 Paperback
Reader's Digest Complete Do it Yourself Manual Readers Digest 1974 Hardcover
Readers Digest Complete Car Care Manual Reader's Digest UK Readers Digest 1981 Hardcover
Speaking Freely: A Guided Tour of American English from Plymouth Rock to Silicon Valley Stuart Berg Flexner; Anne H. Soukhanov Oxford University Press, USA 1997 Hardcover
TechTV's Catalog of Tomorrow Andrew Zolli TechTV 2002 Paperback
The Atlas of Languages: The Origin and Development of Languages Throughout the World Bernard Comrie; Stephen Matthews; Maria Polinsky Facts on File 1996 Hardcover
THe bicycle manual on maintenance and repairs Robert Whiter Laurida 1972 Hardcover
The Big Brother book of lists Robert Ellis Smith Price/Stern/Sloan Publishers 1984
The Bike Book Fred Milson Meredith Corporation 1997 Paperback
The Seventy Great Inventions of The Ancient World Brian M. Fagan Thames & Hudson Ltd 2004 Hardcover
The Times Atlas of World History London Hammond 1978 Hardcover
The Works of Samuel Johnson, Vol 18: Johnson on the English Language (The Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel) Samuel Johnson Yale University Press 2005 Hardcover