Patch’s Invitation letter to Morocco

Great News! An old dream comes true again! My closest friend in Russia, Marina Schusterman, who has joined us for 23 years on our annual Russian clown trip, has a daughter, Masha, who was a young child when we met. Masha fell in love many years ago with Mohamed (Simo), who is from Morocco and lived in St. Petersburg. After many years waiting for our opportunity, we were able to hold our first Morocco Clown Tour four years ago. This trip will now be our fourth time leading a group there.

No clowning experience is required – be covered in clown garb, and if you are loving, you will love it! It is a study of up-close care, compassion, improvisations, play, group dynamics in a context of happy, funny, loving, cooperative, creative and thoughtful. No whining allowed!

As always, I encourage folks to read some literature, history, culture of Morocco and have some understanding of the Muslim faith (which is included below). Adult women must cover most skin – not above the neck and lower arms. Later on the trip organizers will provide you with some good tips of what is and isn’t culturally appropriate.

Email Ginevra for general information & questions.

If you want to talk on the phone contact Sharon in California at 310-663-3442 or email: to set up a phone conversation.


If you are flying from North America and would like to use Gesundheit! travel agent please contact:

    Trish Shea
    Phone: 352-516-7857
    Skype: trish.shea / 305-396-2816 

Clown Instruction:

1) Think outrageous! Very different than normal, playful, magic costumes and props

2) Practice smiling with mouth and eyes at all times!

  • For one week, wear underwear (tighty whities) on your head everywhere you go. Say a doctor prescribed it for you…for wellness exploration.
  • “The struggle of maturity is to recapture the seriousness of a child at play” —Nietzsche

See you in Morocco!

In peace,



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