House Calls

How We Can Heal the World One Visit at a Time

Author: Patch Adams, M.D., Cartoons by Jerry Van Amerongen
Publisher: Robert D. Reed Publishers (1998), 161 pages

house callsExcerpts from the Introduction

“This book, House Calls, is a ‘visitor’s kit’ that was originally designed for visiting hospital patients. However, now I realize that the information can be just as useful in visiting friends in nursing homes, prisons, or any place where people may be suffering and wishing they were elsewhere.”

“If you share my concern that hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, etc., are not ideal environments for people of any kind, I suggest that you share the healing behaviors you practice with patients and friends with every other patient, visitor, and employee of these institutions to boost the health of the whole environment.”

“If you can stretch yourself to see the great medical value of your ‘house call’ to your friend and others in the institution, then why not make another leap? Surely the general population exhibits in many ways it’s need for tender and fun encounters. Realize that the way you treat any ailing friend is a powerful tool at your disposal. Offering your same friendly personality to the world at large will make it a better place for all. This book, House Calls, offers simple ways for all citizens to improve the health of their society.”


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