Basking in the Beauty that Surrounds Us

As we enter into the busy, bountiful, verdant season that is early summer we are basking in the beauty that surrounds us—feeling grateful for this land and all she gives. The trees are blooming and the wildflowers are painting the landscape like they always tend to do. The ramp season has come to an end with morel season quickly finishing up as well. Our bellies are full of the wild food that this abundant land gives us as we look forward to summer’s bounty. Feeling giddy about the fresh vegetables from our garden and chanterelles growing in the woods. This is our fifth year stewarding this land and we are still taken aback by all it teaches us. Our sons have been blessed growing up in this lush oasis where they walk around identifying plants, berries, and mushrooms that are edible, to the shock and surprise of the grown-ups around them.


While the world was completely turned upside down we got together with some families in the community and decided we would start a small homeschool cooperative. It just so happened that we had a dear friend that was a Montessori-trained preschool teacher who was looking to try something on her own. Everything lined up perfectly and all of a sudden we had a really beautiful little homeschool. As the year passed and our children were starting to phase out of preschool age all of the parents began talking about becoming more involved. Now our little cooperative has begun to transform where each parent is sharing the role of teaching. We are in the beginning stages but I must say it is very exciting. It has been so wonderful to get to know each other’s children in this way and for our kids to have a completely different idea of what school is. A school where they are outside exploring, counting, planting, reading together under the shade of a tree. It has been truly magical.


While we continue on with the growing season we are putting our feelers out for any volunteers interested in growing food and living on this abundant land for a bit. To view the current volunteer projects along with the dates & registration form, click here.


-Adam & Holly

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