Desire and Design: Construct Your Humanism

July 8-12, 2022 | Hillsboro, WV

The School for Designing a Society and Patch Adams MD invite you to construct your humanism!


Before pandemic, health care was already under stress. 
Before pandemic, race- gender- class- and other disparities were already acute.
Before pandemic, climate change was already showing some of its feared consequences.
Before pandemic, war and justifications for war threaded through our lives.

Still under pandemic and post-quarantine, we need to question the inevitability of these social structures. We need to organize and dream a different structure of society.

In past years we held the School for Designing a Society in one physical location. Since summer of 2020 we have been offering programs online. This summer, 2022, we invite participants to gather—mindful of safety!—in person on the land in West Virginia for five days of putting our minds and hearts together. 

The intensive will consist of daily presentations, small group discussions, dining together outdoors and on the porch. We’ll provide tools and constraints for designing interventions in systems and constructing action plans towards a desirable society — as well as for playing, clowning, exploring the costume closet, emersing ourselves in nature. 

We propose a collaborative exploration of our individual and collective desires, and an examination of the societies in which we currently dwell, as well as those which we wish to construct. We propose getting to know systems by getting to know individuals – you – in each of our places within them. 

We ask: What can I offer? and What are my needs? How can we counteract the social structures—legal, non-legal, formal, informal—that treat people as something other than people?

In this time of unsurety, instability, and change, we propose a practice of listening, receiving, presenting, and vulnerability. As what we don’t want becomes more and more clear, we ask:

What do we want? If another world is possible, what is the world we envision? How would we like things to be different, and what would be necessary to bring that about? 

How do we want our lives and our routines to change?  And where are the points of leverage that offer us the room to wobble and wiggle this change into existence?



$250 tuition. Some partial scholarships are available.

The School for Designing a Society does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, ability, gender identity, or sexual orientation



Who should apply?

You are invited to participate.

For the health and safety of all, we ask participants in our July 8-12 session to have had the two vaccines and at least one booster—and be able to show documentation of that. We ask that participants be tested for Covid-19 a week before participating in the program, and bring documentation that they tested negative. When indoors, we ask participants to wear a mask.



How to Apply?

Registration consists of 2 parts.

  1. Application form: Please take a moment to fill out the application form. We will then contact you to arrange a phone interview. After the phone call, you will hear back from us concerning your acceptance in the program. I’m ready to apply.
  2. Payment: After the interview and Upon your acceptance, we ask that you pay either the entire fee or non-refundable deposit online via secure PayPal account or with a check payable to School for Designing a Society. I’m ready to pay.

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