E.G.G.S. Report – European Gesundheit Group Supporters

The first European symposium of clown volunteers from all around Europe recently ended, bringing together our clown tribe, the E.G.G.S – European Gesundheit Group Supporters. We met in Cerro Veronese, Verona, Italy, from July 18th to July 21st, 2019.

With our great friend Patch Adams, we spent three days rediscovering how love and humor can cure a world increasingly compromised by violence and degradation. The love that heals is the most powerful revolutionary gesture that can be expressed, more than any word and every medical act. And for us it is also a stimulus for growth; to be more authentic and more human in our service of taking care of ourselves, of others and of Mother Nature.

During the meeting, initiatives and projects by clown associations were also proposed to support the missions of the Gesundheit Institute directed by Patch Adams. A big thank you to all the clowns of “Essere Clown Verona” non profit organization, and to us from “Clown One Italia Onlus” that we had the privilege of sharing and coordinate this adventure! Love Revolution!

Images by Italo Bertolasi

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