Garlic Harvest On the Land!

Hello—greetings from Adam + Holly on the land here in Hillsboro, WV.

We wanted to stop in and give a little update on what’s been happening over here this year. Another beautiful, luscious, green spring full of foraging for ramps & morels followed by all the joyful work of fixing fences and getting our hands in the soil to prepare for the growing season.

Amidst the crisis that Covid has brought about we have becoming increasingly aware of the vulnerability of our food systems and feel grateful we are able to grow lots of nutrient dense food for ourselves & the local community. We’ve been busy weeding gardens, swimming in the river and preserving lots of peaches & tomatoes.

We’ve had the pleasure of working and living with some of our dear friends from our college days that were misplaced due to coronavirus. Really grateful for this opportunity for connection and for all of their hard work.

We’ve just finished drying our garlic and are now enjoying the medicine it brings us. Peppers, tomatoes & eggplants are all ripening while sweet potato vines continue to grow & potatoes are just about ready to be dug!

Some future projects we will be working on include pressure washing and staining the decks, as well as taking down our yurts to build them on new platforms. If you’re looking to volunteer this summer/fall we ask you to fill out an application online and we will reach out once we have received it.

-Adam + Holly

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