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Dear you, who is reading this article,
My name is Dario and I’m the coordinator of Clowning & Caring in Costa Rica.

But only 10 years ago I had never clowned before in my life!  It was August 2009, I was about to participate in my first clown trip—and I had no idea of what was about to happen!

Further—I actually had no interest in clowning. My career had been in advertising, and I was so tired of wearing masks, that even the smallest one (an itsy-bitsy clown nose!) was too much for me. I was looking for my “real” self—no masks, no costumes—just me, Dario.

But prior to signing up for Costa Rica 2009, every time I read about these clown trips and watched videos, I would smile deeply, and tears of fulness would run down my cheeks, until somebody who noticed it said to me: “maybe you should try…?”

Picture courtesy of Vincenzo Cammarata

Yes, maybe I should try!!!!—so that year, 2009, I signed up. I lived the most life-changing experience up to that point in my life, in Costa Rica, with other new and old participants from all over the world.

And I finally found myself. Because the red nose, I learned, is the mask that gets rid of masks.  I started wearing my clown clothes and nose every day, at the office, at the supermarket, on my bicycle, everywhere, all the time. And life changed.

I coordinate this program since 7 years now, and if you – like me – have been deeply touched when reading about and watching videos of our clown programs, then today I’d like to be for you that person that says: “maybe you should try…?”

Click below to watch “Change”: a short documentary about how clowning and this very clown trip changed my life, and how strong an impact it could make on yours.

There are still only 9 spots available. If you wish to try, register soon.

Register for Clowning & Caring in Costa Rica!

Thank you for reading. I hope to have the opportunity to share this wonderful journey with you.

Much Love,

dario =)

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