Get to know Ginevra

Hi friends—this is me, Ginevra Sanguigno, of the workshop “The Laughing Body the Art of Care”.
Patch Adams has asked me to tell you a little about myself, and why I created this workshop.

Years ago, I first visited the Gesundheit Institute in West Virginia.  I was dazzled by the beauty and wildness of Nature that surrounded it.

In my theatrical training, nature has always been a cure for me and the basis of an artistic and spiritual research—I’ve danced with a Butho dance group in Japan where our dances staged rice fields or forest nooks where spectators were the creatures of the forest; I’ve researched social theater in India and Indonesia where once again Nature was the great mother on stage.

And finally, studying with theater masters and with big-hearted clowns, like Dr. Patch Adams, I found my role as a social clown. I’ve traveled with Patch and the Gesundheit! Institute for more than twenty years.

Thus the idea of creating the workshop was born in me and in my dearest friends and colleagues : “The Laughing Body : the Art of Care.”  Nature, clowning, theatrical improvisations, caring—Dio mio, what a combination! And with the help of Patch we’ll create for each of us the new figure of humanitarian hero: the Clown of the Heart. 

We invite you to share this wonderful summer camp with us along with Patch Adams, Italo Bertolasi, and Mariko Kanemoto!  In Hillsboro West Virginia, August 16th -23rd, 2019.

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