On the Intelligence of Love

I, Dr. Patch Adams, believe LOVE is an intelligence. Unlike other types of types of intelligence, love is not taught in schools. Shockingly, the intelligence of love is not taught in public schools anywhere in the world. In my work around the world these past 50 years, I have found loneliness. Loneliness and an extreme desire to reach out and belong to a group, a community, a neighborhood. How is it possible that anyone could feel such loneliness in this tiny world filled with 7.3 billion people?

A common example of love is found when a mother cares for her children. Not only does she unconditionally care for children, but she feels that care returned to her by her children. My own view of caring and loving comes from my own mother. She did not give love out as a teaching, but she showed it in her speech and acts. It’s the performance of love that has become a thrilling experience for me. Love is an important instrument in care, especially when partnered with humor and play. Anyone can love! It’s a way of being! Love breaks down the barriers and allows peace to flourish!

Lately, many of the healing arts have become corrupted by greed and power. I have traveled the world, lectured in 81 countries, continue to correspond with medical and nursing students in 130 countries, and have found only now have medical schools taken up the mantle of teaching compassion–a type of compassion that focuses on surface issues, such as patient satisfaction in the services provided. There are no medical schools that teach others to feel love and compassion for patients. The focus is often on the heroic doctor saving the ill patient, rather than on finding that deep and emotional connections they should share.

To love is to decide to be mindful of the presence of love.  Love is made up of many actions, words, and gestures. To work for love is to study each exchange you make, and see what worked and what didn’t work. Not that everyone is different, and that expressions can vary greatly. The following are some universal tools and strategies for embracing love.

Step 1: Say “I Love Me” to yourself in front of a mirror. Say it as often as you can and find delight in being you.

Step 2: Love Life by Deciding who you want to be – live intentionally!

Step 3: Be Universally Friendly. Show those sparkling eyes, smiling face, and your hunger to connect with those around you!

Step 4: Be Radiantly Enthusiastic and Hopeful for the Future!

Step 5: Work Toward Peace and Justice for All

Step 6: Develop your own clown-self. Clowning is a trick to bring love close! Humor softens the edges of uncomfortable situations.

Step 7: Be gracious – Say “Thank You”

Step 8: Be emotionally engaged with nature, and protect her as you would your children.

Know that through love and fun you can shape the world.

Patch Reads: “I Carry Your Heart With Me” by E. E. Cummings

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