Patch Adams Clinic In Philadelphia

Located in a low-income Philadelphia neighborhood, this clinic will provide community-based health care that is genuinely non-profit, preventive, humane and fun. It is a refuge for doctors and nurses who want time to heal patients. It is a refuge for patients who want to be treated with dignity.

For a small annual fee, members will own this clinic, gaining diagnosis and referral, dentistry, chronic and urgent care, counseling, pediatrics, birthing, hospicare, massage, family planning, chiropractic, acupuncture, and other therapies.

More than a health facility, the clinic is an economic development model which solves several urban problems. Existing medical facilities are overcrowded and underfunded. Suffering is untended, both mental and physical. Infectious disease rates are high. 200,000 are un-insured here. Unemployment and resultant crime are high.

The Patch Adams Free Clinic therefore offers healing, learning, play, food and work. Designed and decorated whimsically in the spirit of Dr. Patch Adams, our clinic reminds that true healing touches the soul. Permission to establish this clinic has been given by Patch Adams and the Gesundheit! Institute.

The facility will contain meeting rooms, quiet rooms, cafeteria (local foods), musical instruments, art materials, clown costumes and health library.

These spaces face a central circular atrium featuring plants, mosaic paths, and acoustic concerts. The waiting areas offer ergonomic chairs, cushions, cots, playpen, board games and health literature.

Because clean air and clean water are foundations of personal health, this building will exemplify green technologies. Building materials are regional, recycled, hypoallergenic. The entire single-story building will be passive solar and earth sheltered to reduce heating and cooling costs.

The green roof mound features walking paths with wheelchair access to the peak, an edible labyrinth, berry bushes, amphitheatre, picnicking and playground.

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Patch Adams MD & Gesundheit Institute, P.O. Box 307, Urbana, IL 61803

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