Maria’s Children’s Summer Camp Report

Maria’s Children’s Summer Camp – Uchma , Volga River July – August 2019.

From 22 July to 6 August we attended the Summer Camp near the small village of Uchma on the Volga River, designed by Maria’s Children, a humanitarian association headed by the great Maria Yelisieva.

This year we also had Sarada and Swostika, two girls supported by our humanitarian project Clown One Italia “Kumari Nepal” accompanied by Manju Ale, dancer and teacher of Tai Chi and Poonam tutor of girls and responsible for the ngo Aperoin who in Katmandu he supports our missions.

The summer camp provided an opportunity for hundreds of Russian Children and adolescents, some from the martyred city of Beslan – North Ossetia ; others from structures supporting the fragility, of participating in painting, ceramics, tai chi, yoga, clowning , theatre , dance and art’s master classes . The master classes were conducted by artists from different countries: America, Denmark, Holland, Mexico, Italy, Nepal.

The gift we received at the Summer Camp is to have shared a true family for about ten days. In peace and joy. Opportunity to know each other, listen to each other and create art and poetry together. Surrounded by the beauty of the elements of Mother Nature: in the midst of the birch forests that are reflected in the waters of the Volga river.

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