The Education Of Compassion

Join Patch and Gesundheit doctors in designing the world’s first curriculum for loving kindness and compassion in health care. “The Education of Compassion”, a 2-6 year curriculum, will be designed for teaching medical students, nursing students and other care givers how to give and receive loving, compassionate care and how to live a life of joy in today’s overly serious and stressful heath care settings. Such a curriculum has never, to our knowledge, been taught anywhere. Be a co-designer for the future of health care, a future emphasizing compassionate and joyful service.

Initial Proposals

How to join? Read the three papers. In Patch’s paper is a list of questions, experiential exercises, explorations and suggestions for doctors, nurses, caregivers, care receivers, administrators and educators. Feel free to explore any of these. Come up with your own questions, exercises, explorations. Please email your ideas, experiences and designs for how this Curriculum could be structured.

Patch Adams MD & Gesundheit Institute, P.O. Box 307, Urbana, IL 61803

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