The Teaching Center at a Glance

teaching-center-modelThe Gesundheit Institute’s Teaching Center is currently under construction by our good friends at Design.Draw.Build! This 19,125 sq. ft. passive solar structure will feature a Green Roof, 8 Classrooms, Residence for 50 Students, Performance Hall, Black Box Theatre, and more.

The Teaching Center will function as a hub for change-makers in health care systems Via conference sessions (including digital conferencing), semester-long teaching sessions, active research/data collection, and targeted invitations, the Center will educate participants and institutions from around the world.

In the past, Gesundheit practitioners/educators, as well as Patch Adams MD himself, have traveled world-wide in order to lecture and educate. We would like to bring these activities home to one ‘hub, the Teaching Center, which will offer in one locale a concentration of health care system change- making education, coupled with active clinical care happening ‘across the street’ in the Gesundheit Clinic.


Our Mission

photo2Phase One of the Gesundheit Hospital calls for clinical care coupled with a teaching center: our aim is to both practice and teach Gesundheit’s innovative approach to care.

  • The clinic will be free, removing debt from the patient/provider interaction, and instead foster a context of belonging, fun and friendship.
  • The clinic will provide care that fundamentally challenges the model currently constraining interactions between doctors and patients.
  • The teaching center will provide educational programs where health practitioners can learn the Gesundheit philosophy and methods for creating a health practice nested in community, and develop their own models to fit their particular home environment.


What have we built so far?

100% of total structural work and floors

  • Complete final ‘shell’ built
  • Finished ceiling surfaces
  • Roofing/weather proofing
  • Excavation + new septic system
  • Installation of Radiant Heating (basement)
  • Elevator Core (complete)
  • Concrete Cast-in-place Beams
  • Hollow-core Concrete Planks (4,500 Sq/ft)

Keep posted on our blog for more construction updates from on the land in Hillsboro, West Virginia! If you would like to contribute to the construction of the Teaching Center please visit our Donation Page and select “Help Us Build Our Hospital!”. 

Big Thank You to our local builder Andrew Must with Seven Rivers Design Build and our architect Tyler Kobick of Design.Draw.Build

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