Wounded Vet Trip

It’s been 6 months since we had our first wounded vet trip. I’m so heartened by the results and look forward to the next. Each of our clowns paired off with a vet. I was joined on this journey by Mike. It was like my own dad whispered in Mike’s ear and said: “Take my son, Patch, and be for him what I could not be.” Susan and I, years ago, introduced the idea that care is bidirectional. That yes, the caregiver gives to the patient, and yes can be invigorated by what the patient gives to the caregiver. It is a friendship relationship. Thank you Mike.

I am closer to my dad, Robert, who died in 1961, leaving me a war orphan. The truth is, he died long before in the hell of the 2 wars he fought in. Mike saw this. Thank you, brother. I want my friends to meet you through these photos from our October clown trip to Guatemala. I cherish that we’ve talked regularly since and that you have twice been to our building site in West Virginia.

I will see you in Russia in November, precious friend.

Keep wearing that tutu!


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