Composition and Design

  • Fundamentals
  • Design Groups
  • Seminar in Experimental Composition
  • Health Care Delivery System Design Conference: “Inside My Heart But Outside the Box: Thinking, to Change the Health Care Box”
  • A Composer’s History of the World
  • Portable and Site Specific Design
  • No-Risk Art Lube
  • Craftperson in Time
  • Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp

Social Change

The City You Live In
Teaching Teaching
Architecture of Participation
Living Labs
Protesting Forms of Protest


Playing Attention to Language, 1 & 2
(S)elf-Defense for Women
Men and Trees: “How to Read, Write, Speak, Learn English in a Time of DisinformationMisinformation, Slander, Spin, Propaganda”


Performers’ Workshops
House Theaters
Performing Theatrical Possibilities: An Archeology of the Future
Performance as Social Design: Presentation of Self in Everyday Life


Introduction to Cybernetics
Tree of Knowledge


Ecological Design
Stacking and Edges: Analogies with Society

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