WormHole 3.0

June 29-Aug 7, 2021 | Webinar & In-place Collaborations

Burrito Night Residency Collective in the Zoomscape

Desire statement: We regularly go through the wormhole to cook in each other’s kitchens.

Because we are far-flung and wish to commune and collaborate while the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve, the School for Designing a Society invites you to join us in the Wormhole for a communal residency in endeavours artistic, activist and synchronous.

We are interested in finding your and our in-betweens of art and organizing, poetry and policy: imagining changed premises, proposing preferred realities, and taking action towards them—creating a collaborative space for us to bring thought and playfulness together, noticing and documenting the consequences of design choices made by others and ourselves, and using aspects of our togetherness to work on socially active projects.

Organizing against oppressive structures requires imagination. We wish Wormhole 3.0 to offer spaces and projects to imagine, create, and organize together.

The School for Designing a Society invites YOU to Wormhole 3.0: Burrito Night Residency Collective in the Zoomscape. Here’s how it works:

School for Designing a Society and Patch Adams’ Gesundheit Institute invite you to Wormhole 3.0: Burrito Night Residency Collective in the Zoomscape!



Every Tuesday evening we zoom from our kitchens as we prepare dinner (and ideally for the weekend). We share recipes and cooking tips, helping and learning from each other as we go. We get to know each other and chat about our projects. June 29, July 6, 13, 20, 27, and August 3;

And every two weeks, from Friday evening to Saturday evening EDT, we hold a 24-hour Zoom open space where we can co-work, present, experiment, spitball, perform, listen, commune, check in, joke, convene a study sub-group … with some of the time structured and some unstructured. Participants are welcome to come and go as we please. July 9-10, July 23-24, and August 6-7.

We offer Wormhole 3.0 ~  on a donate-what-you-can basis via the direct paypal link below. Suggested Donation is $0-$90, pay what you can. Proceeds go toward the costs of organizing the program.


Bring Your Own Observations

Structured activities might include: presentations of the book-in-progress Democratize This! by Elizabeth Adams and Danielle Chynoweth … dance parties … movement practice … puppet performance … symposium on a problem … play reading … story circle … rehearsal … And unstructured activities might include: knitting together … conversation … garden tour … devising performance work … reading aloud … picking up a prescription … sign-making … live streaming a demonstration …


Interrogating and Documenting the Now and Here … In Wormhole 3.0 we invite you to join us in interrogating the now, in documenting the here. Let’s think of ourselves as investigators, documentarians. If I were to document us now, if I were to interview the times, the places, the now, the here—who would I talk to? Talk with? Who would ‘I’ be? I feel the urge to look at these last 13 months as something to observe—and to feel observed by—as something unique, as something unprecedented, as something that set things in motion and was itself set in motion, as something that steered and could itself be steered. And to document what we come up with … BYOO (bring your odd observations).

Composing and encouraging social closeness, while limiting physical distance … In March of 2020 people started using the term “social distancing.” In order to stop points of physical closeness from being points of infection, people needed to stand at least 6 feet apart. But that term was misleading—it was physical distance that we needed to limit, not social distance. And the term was damaging—we need social closeness in isolated/isolating times … BYOO (bring your odd observations).

Redressing the heritage of disaster capitalism … by responding to social disorganization with practices for the good of all. In Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine, she documents how the students of economist Milton Friedman, advocates of neoliberal capitalism, waited for an event of social or environmental collapse in precarious parts of the US or other countries. When such a collapse happened, they pounced with predatory policies under the guise of helping these devastated areas to “get them back on their feet”—but the policies took advantage of these areas and maneuvered their economics for the gain of capitalist investors. In the face of collapsing social structures under Covid, can we help transform those structures into something desirable for all people, without recourse to power-over and exploitation? … BYOO (bring your odd observations).

Inspiration from orcas … In the last few years, there have been speculations from studies of orcas (a member of the oceanic dolphin family) that an orca’s sense of self might be distributed among the individuals in a group. If so, could this ever be true of humans? Would I wish to partake in that? We don’t even have the language to describe it. Projects that demonstrate the insufficiency of our language prod us to create different language … Language, the habitat of notions that do not yet exist anywhere else? … BYOO (bring your odd observations).

We encourage you to join us, if possible with partner(s) you can safely meet with in person.



How to Apply?

Registration consists of 2 parts.

  1. Application form: Please take a moment to fill out the application form for WormHole 3.0: Burrito Night Residency Collective in the Zoomscape. I’m ready to apply.
  2. Suggested Donation: We offer this course on a donate-what-you-can basis. Thanks for supporting! I’m ready to donate.

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