Upcoming Educational Courses

We invite you to imagine and formulate desires for a society different from the current one.


Fields of Play

April 1-7, 2024 | Hillsboro, WV

A Special Retreat With Jef Johnson at the beautiful site of Gesundheit Institute in Hillsboro, West Virginia. RECONNECT with the deeper consciousness of self and world. AWAKEN your imagination, empathy, and memory

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Upcoming Clown Trips

Formed in 2006, Gesundheit Global Outreach (GGO) encompasses clowning missions, humanitarian aid, building projects and community development around the world.

1st Clowning & Caring in Italy!

May 5-12, 2024 | Napoli, Italy

Excited to announce our very FIRST Geundheit Clown Tour to Italy! Be part of the joyful clown team bringing Gesundheit! humanitarian clowning to this beautiful part of the world. We will also visit the Smile Clown Festival, a big event celebrating caring & clowning taking place in the city during the same week

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1st Clown Tour in Georgia!

April 21-28th, 2024 | Tbilisi, Georgia

The Gesundheit! Institute is thrilled to announce the 1st Clown Tour in Georgia with Patch Adams! We will spend 7 days in Georgia CLOWNING every day. We are sure to make many new Georgian friends through our shared journey of service, clowning and travel.

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Practice the Ideas

There are many ways you can get involved in realizing the Gesundheit! mission — contributing to the health of individuals, families, and communities with fun, friendship and the joy of service:

GIVE A DONATION Help build the Patch Adams Teaching Center and Clinic and provide a desirable model for health care. All contributions will go to the Gesundheit Institute and will be used exclusively for the capital campaign.

HOST A FUN-RAISING EVENT to take an active part in the campaign to build the Clinic and Teaching Center.

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Cant get away?

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.14.15 AMLearn how to be a Gesundheit
Fun-raiser at Home

For the fun-deficient, or those that can’t get away, we offer some hints and ideas on how to host a Fun-Raiser with your friends! Smiles are contagious. Imagine you are an anti-depressant- being publicly happy and generous of spirit is a public-health action. Fun-raising, for a moment, lifts us a little above this troubled world.

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Upcoming Events!

Every so often Gesundheit helps sponsor & promote events around the world!


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