Georgia Clown Tour 2024

For 35 years with Maria and her family, we have coordinated and carried out many projects and clown tours in Russia. With Maria’s Children organization and Patch’s Gesundheit! foundation has made dreams come true. 

When we started visiting the orphanages and places in Russia. Maria to date has created growth and educational places for children, which help develop their creative and emotional side. 

Where color, art, and beauty are the main ingredients. Maria has created small wonderlands, where children are guided by expert and loving art masters. They eat together, celebrate events, and create art. The children hosted in Maria’s facilities experience beauty, so necessary for healthy growth and self-esteem. 

This year thanks to Anya, Maria and Patch decided to meet in Georgia. We don’t know when we will return to Russia. Georgia is a country at an important crossroads of cultures… East and West. 

Georgia has a special position, surrounded by the wonderful Caucasus mountains and overlooking the Black Sea. Due to the climate and the particularities of the fertile land, Georgia has always been considered a land of wonders. It’s a country rich in history, art, culture, and delicious food. Some of the girls adopted by Maria will be with us. 

We choose Georgia to remind us that beauty and culture are fundamental for the growth of human beings.

A vision of peace, equality, and sharing. Let’s get used to practicing beauty in all its aspects.

We have also an option for a limited number of participants to extend their trip to Armenia. Please join us for a wonderful adventure! 


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