Go Johnny Go

Dear Friends,

I’ve heard there is an interest in my state of health. I feel fabulous. On March 2, after three extensive surgeries on my left foot for MRSA, I realized that what was left of the foot meant that I couldn’t do wild rock and roll to Chuck Berry, nor wear my clown shoes to go clowning—let alone walk on the foot. So there is the bliss of a B.K. Amputation (‘Below the Knee’ amputation) leading to the wild anticipation of a prosthesis. (There are double amputees running marathons!)

So last week I had my first meeting with the prosthetist, and there I was, walking with the prosthesis between parallel bars! I did very well. Today, I’ll get my first prosthesis that I can take home, and later today Tiffany, my physical therapist, will get me strolling. Ahead of me are physical therapy sessions every other day for a month and a half. “ Go Johnny Go Go Go!” (from ‘Johnny Be Good’ by Chuck Berry)

Your Pal,


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