Dr. Patch Adams Resilience Workshops

Jan-Feb 2021 | Online Zoom Meeting 

 Online Workshops on “How to be Resilient”

The Experience

Gesundheit’s next offering is centred around the importance of cultivating tools for Resilience during these challenging times including laughing daily, how to cultivate a love strategy, and how to be passionate & persistent. 

Many of you are facing challenging times this last year during the Covid pandemic. Now more than ever it’s essential to be using our tools for resilience, to dig deep and keep giving our best. That’s why Patch has decided to offer a series of online video workshops on “How to be Resilient”! Starting January 15th, 2021 we will offer our first course titled “Passion & Persistence”.

Patch doesn’t use computers, and the thought of lecturing to one is silly to him, instead, he insists on structuring the workshops around YOUR inquiries and questions. How are you struggling personally in your day to day activities? How has covid affected your passion for life & your work? For 40 years Patch has spoken on topics that are relevant to the times we are living in, what will you ask him? Please include your session questions in the registration form.

Courses will be offered in English. A recording of each session will be available to download by participants. Need Education Subsidy? Here’s a template letter to get you started!


Workshop Dates:

1) January 15th at 7pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) // “Passion & Persistence” – How do I become passionate? Patch talks about the importance of living a life of passion, how to deal with burn-out, and achieving your set goals. Patch has worked over 50 years sparking a love revolution, learn why his passion has never faded and how you to can find your own calling for your life’s passions.

2) January 29th at 7pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) // “Loneliness & Depression” – How can I reconnect with a loving world? Patch shares his radical views on depression including his best advice on living a life of joy.

3) February 12th at 7pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) // “Love Strategy” – Cultivating a love strategy. Patch will work with you on developing your own unique love strategy.

4) February 26th at 7pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) // “Humour & Healthcare” – Do you laugh every day? Patch explores the importance of loving to laugh and how it’s an integral part of our mind/body connection.


Who is invited?

You are! No prior background is required. This workshop series is for ANYONE in the healthcare field, business professionals wanting to re-energize, those feeling alone or isolated in their work environment or everyday life.  Patch is a world-renowned speaker, Spaces Fill Quick. Register Soon!


General Information

Cost | $695.00 USD/Series of 4 Workshops OR $195.00 USD/per workshop paid in full on booking & nonrefundable

Patch encourages those who are interested to sign up for all sessions to get those most out of this experience.

Where | These workshops will be hosted by Gesundheit online through Zoom.

When | Please see above. January 15th & 29th. February 12th & 26th.

Themes | “Passion & Persistence”, “Loneliness & Depression”, “Love Strategy”, “Humour & Healthcare”



How Do I Apply?

1)  Sign up for the courses on our online registration form. Please be prepared to pay your course fees. Tickets are non-refundable. Select each course you would like to attend and please include a question for Patch for EACH course. Register Here.

2) Our team will be in touch prior to the course with details on how to join the Zoom meeting.

*Need help with Education Subsidy? Here’s a template letter to get you started!

Questions ?

If you have any questions, please contact
Derek at derek@patchadams.org

Patch Adams MD & Gesundheit Institute, P.O. Box 307, Urbana, IL 61803

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